Frederica Nature Reserve

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Frederica Nature Reserve, Mauritius Overview

Mauritius is one such holiday destination which wouldn't fail to surprise you with what this island nation has to offer its guests. This very trait is valid with the Mauritian village in the southeastern part of the island - Bel Ombre. Primarily known for its beach-side beauty lingering with the serene Indian Ocean, Bel Ombre is home for one of the richly diverse nature reserves of Mauritius - the Frederica Nature Reserve.  The unblemished fresh environment of lush green tropical forests, views of sublime mountains and splendid waterfalls of the reserve makes it one of a kind.

Frederica Nature Reserve

Frederica Nature Reserve is a place of tranquil beauty. It's mountainous terrains offer the visitors amazing panoramic views, while itÍs vast plains are the perfect place to observe wild animals and it's untouched natural beauty. The reserve is home to several scenic waterfalls, and animals like stags, wild boars, monkeys and several others. The fun part comes when you begin exploring the area, with options to go quad biking or 4x4 off road tours during the day or night, trekking along the hilly terrains or take them on with a mountain bike! The nature reserve offers a variety of adventurous pass times for you, along with serene natural beauty.

The Frederica nature reserve covers the ground of 1300 hectares of wildlife emerges you into the open arms of nature. The diverse species of plants and animals of this reserve are protected by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF) that puts more emphasis is sustainability and take necessary steps towards reducing the degree of damage caused by the visitors. Moving deeper into the reserve, one can find narrow rivers and breathtaking views of waterfalls. The tourists can stop for a refreshing breather and go for a swim in the fresh waters at the bottom of the cascades. The flora and fauna of the reserve are pretty rich. Frequent sightings of monkeys, Java deer and wild boars can be encountered amidst the dense forests. With some luck, the tourists can catch a glimpse of the rarest bird species like the Mauritian Parakeet and the Mauritian Echo. 

Frederica nature reserve

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Frederica Nature Reserve is not only bliss for the soul and peace for eyes; it is a haven for adventure activities for those who prefer an adrenaline rush while savouring the natural splendour. Other than adding spice to the tour of the reserve, these activities are the easiest ways to explore all the nooks and corners of this mesmerising Mauritian diversity. Here's a bit detailed look into those activities:
  • 4X4 Safari - This is very popular among the tourists as it is the best way to embrace the lush green environment with friends and family. It takes you to the heart of the reserve which is a bombardment of priceless and closest connection with nature. Generally, it's two-hours of the informative trip where the driver shares his knowledge about the different sites within the reserve. There are two routes for this ride; the abundance of Mauritian wildlife at Dalsing Plains and home of the beautiful Hirondelles waterfall at Sentier Goyaves. The minimum ages requirement for the safari is three years.

Schedule: Monday to Sunday: Morning session at 9 AM and afternoon session at 1 PM

Frederica Nature Reserve

  • Quad Biking - It is a combination of hiking and motorsports leading to the interior depth of the reserve after a 3 and half hour ride. The tourists can enjoy the view of sugarcane fields and rough terrain of the dense mountain roads on the quad bikes and buggies. The Quintre waterfall serves as a rejuvenating break, and lucky tourists can encounter sightings of rare bird species. The quad drivers must be at least 16 years in age, and the pillion rider must be five years or older. For the buggies, the minimum age requirement for the passengers is 12 years.
Schedule: Only on Wednesdays: Morning session at 9:00 AM and afternoon session at 1:00 PM

Frederica Nature Reserve
  • Wildlife Trekking: This venture is ideal for budding ecologists and nature enthusiasts as it gives the tourists an in-depth knowledge of the reserve's ecosystem and how it works towards preserving the biodiversity. Throughout the two hour way, the trekkers come across several species of endangered plants and different kinds of wild orchids. Other endemic species of fauna that are widely visible during the trek are the White-tailed tropicbird, the Mauritian fruit bat and the echo parakeet.
Schedule: Monday to Sunday: Morning session at 9:00 AM and afternoon session at 1:00 PM

Frederica Nature Reserve
  • Night Safari - The appeal of the reserve doubles after sundown, and you couldn't possibly say no to this 2 and a half hour ride. Discovering hidden areas under the starry night and hauntingly beautiful silence of the surroundings together constitutes an unmatched ambience. You can experience the versatility of nature in the Frederica reserve as it gives a contrasting feel during the night which is entirely different than the daytime. When the tour ends, the tourists are treated with good food and beverages to amplify the entire journey.
Frederica Nature Reserve

If you are staying at any resort at Bel Ombre and completely oblivious about the bounty of natural grandeur and thrilling adventure, keep some days off for a trip to the Frederica Nature Reserve. It's going to be a one in a lifetime experience with the closest encounter with nature and you are definitely not going to regret it!

How To Reach Frederica Nature Reserve

In order to reach the Frederica Nature Reserve, you have to head southeast from Bel Ombre towards the Coastal Road Domaine and then take the 3rd exit, where you will find the nature reserve.

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