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Sophie Nature Walk, Mauritius Overview

The access to modern technology has undoubtedly made us tech slaves, and there's hardly any time in our lives to connect with the multitude of delights offered by Mother Nature. And what's better than Mauritius to spend time in nature? Picturesque beaches, crystal clear waters lining the coast, tall palm trees and stretches of natural beauty can be seen on this group of small islands.

Sophie Nature Walk in Mauritius
Sophie Nature Trail

Interestingly, Mauritius has stopped more bird species from going extinct than any other country on the plant. Thanks to this, now you can now see two of the most adorable birds of the Indian Ocean - the Mauritian kestrel and the pink pigeon - at various spots around the island. Giant tortoises - more than a century-year-old roaming free in the country is proof enough that Nature is found in its purest form in Mauritius. The opportunity of walking amidst this is something you shouldn't leave, and Sophie Nature Walk is the ideal location.

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Best Time To Visit Sophie Nature Walk

The best time to visit this place is from May to December when the weather is dry, cold and sunny. This is also the time you will come across most of the significant species living on the islands.

What to Expect

In case you are with your kids, depending on their age, try to be realistic about the amount of time they will be happy to walk.
The walk in the woods will be smooth sailing and peaceful as it would be shaded and easy to follow and will take you to the shores of Mare Aux Vacoas. You will also come across impressive ferns and other forest flora in your trail. You might catch some rare bird species if it is your lucky day, but you will surely see some cute Mauritius Grey White-Eyes.

Sophie Nature Walk

The 1.3 miles round trip trail loops around and takes you along the edge of the reservoir. At the end of your trail, you'll be back in the car park. It usually takes only an hour to complete the path, less if you pace but it will be leisurely to spend a couple of hours more and take in the tranquillity.

Loosen up, and let the beauty of nature have a profound effect upon your senses. After the end of your walk, you'll feel lighter and happier. Want to spend some more time with nature and explore more such areas? Head over to Monvert Nature Walk on the other side of the reservoir to have a look at the more diverse biodiversity.

Sophie Nature Trails

The Nature Walk has a series of trails beginning from the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Fisheries at the visitor's centre. The visitor centre is also the place where you can get all the information on the plants and flowers in the area. Feel free to ask any questions as the friendly forest officers and guides will be more than happy to help you.

Sophie Nature Walk
Nature Trail

Meander around and breath in the fresh air in the endemic gardens before setting out on a long walk through the woods. This is also the perfect place to spend some quality time with your family, especially with your kids. There is a range of activities you can indulge in with your kids. From running around and playing hide and seek, collecting flowers, stones or shells, to just lying on the freshly cut grass and looking at birds in the sky.

How To Reach Sophie Nature Walk

The road signs would lead you to a parking lot near the visitor's centre. Parcours Ebene, the longer trail, begins from this parking lot. That's it. You have reached the trail. Now follow the signs and then merely stick to the trail as it loops around, showing you the beautiful sceneries, and take you back to the road.

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