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How to Reach Macau from India

The best way to reach Macau from India is by air. The Macau International Airport, located in Taipa Island, is well-connected to major Indian airports. While there are no direct flights from India to Macau, popular airlines fly to Macau from New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. The shortest flight time is around 12 hours, while flights with layovers may take more than 20 hours.

How to reach Macau by flight

The only airport in Macau is the Macau International Airport located at Taipa Island, around 10 kms away. The other international airport close to Macau is the Hong Kong International Airport, located about 39 kms away. Both the airports are connected to the major cities in China, Korea, Taiwan and other Southeast Asian cities through regular flights.

Air India, Air Macau, Jet Airways, AirAsia, Singapore Airlines, and Shanghai Airlines fly to Macau. Apart from these, around 15 airlines fly internationally to Macau, with layovers mostly in Southeast Asia. Bangkok, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, and Kuala Lumpur are common layover points. Flights to Macau are more expensive during the winter tourist season between October and December.

How to reach Macau by road

Macau is connected to mainland China through two main gates – the Barrier Gate at Portas do Cerco, and the Gongbei Port of Entry at Zhuhai. China’s Guangdong Province is connected to Macau through the Lotus Bridge, which takes 2.5-3.5 hours. One can take a taxi, bus, or rent a car to reach Macau from mainland China or Hong Kong. Bus shuttles and cross-border coaches are also available from the airport. 

How to reach Macau by train

There is no direct train service to Macau, and the nearest station is at the Zhuhai Railway Station near Guangzhou. A quick ferry ride from Gongbei Port takes tourists to Macau.

How to reach Macau by bus

There are bus services from Guangzhou, Dongguan and Zhuhai.

How to reach Macau by Waterways

Tourists from mainland China and Hong Kong can avail ferry services to reach Macau. Hong Kong’s Sheung Wan Macau Terminal has ferries that depart to Macau every 15 minutes all day, with a 60-minute ride in tow. Terminals are also available at Kowloon and Hong Kong International Airport. The Sheung Wan terminal is the busiest and runs for the longest time among the others. A one-way ferry ride from Hong Kong costs about HKD 160-180. The two major service providers are TurboJET and Cotai Water Jet.

Local transport in Macau

Bus: The small city of Macau is very easy to get around, and is well-connected by public transport. The public buses and minibuses run by the TCM and TRANSMAC connect most parts of the city, especially the attractions in the Peninsular region, Taipa, and Coloane. Buses are usually available from 5:00 AM to midnight.
  • We recommend availing the Macau Pass for discounts on bus rates.
  • The Macau Pass can be purchased at most convenience stores for a rate of MOP 130, with a refundable deposit of MOP 30.
  • Bus stations have signs in Portuguese, Chinese, and English.
  • Offline maps can be purchased at the Tourist Bureau.
Taxi: Taxis ply through most of Macau. While they are difficult to hail, taxi stations are available intermittently near all tourist hotspots. Rates are usually standard and fixed; remember to fix the rate before boarding the vehicle.

Shuttle: If you’re staying at a casino or resort, most such establishments provide free shuttle services from the airport and to explore local attractions, so make full use of these services. 

Bikes, cars, scooters, and bicycles can be rented to visit the many attractions and explore the city at one’s own pace. Rates vary from one provider to the other, and cars usually have a rental fee of MOP 900 per day.

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