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How to Reach Macau from India

Jet Airways, Air India,Air Macau connects the cities of Bangalore and Hyderabad to Macau.

Visa Policy for Indians

Indians do not need a visa to enter Macau but they need to have at least two blank pages in their passport and at least 6 months of validity left. Tyhey must also carry some foreign currency and an international card.

How to reach Macau by flight

Macau International airport is serviced by Air Macau and the AirAsia Group which connects Macau to major places like Kuala Lampur, Bangkok.

How to reach Macau by road

People can drive into the city through the Lotus Bridge or the Portas do Cerco.

How to reach Macau by train

There are no trains to Macau

Local transport in Macau

One can get around the city in buses, taxis and sightseeing vehicles like pedicabs.

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