Street Food in Macau - 10 Best Local Delicacies & Where to Find Them

Macau is a gastronomic gala that has something for everyone. With a variety of cuisines like Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Macanese, the food lining the streets of Macau is reflective of its cultural and colonial past. From finger foods to comforting bowls and desserts, Macau street food is all things sweet, sour, savoury and spicy! 
Here is a list of ten best street food in Macau:

1. Lord Stow’s Bakery - Portuguese Egg Tarts

Portuguese egg tarts
Quite similar to the Portuguese Pasteis De Nata, these egg tarts are the hero among the Macau street food. Lord Stow’s Bakery (established in 1989) cooks up a storm when it comes to Portuguese Egg Tarts. Their tarts have a flaky exterior that holds creamy custard filling with creme brulee tops of caramelised sugar which is quite different from the Chinese tarts. The egg tarts are best served warm for that oh-so gooey goodness.
Address - 1 Rua do Tassara, Coloane
Timings - Every day - 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM
Price - MOP 10 approximately.

2. Gelatina Mok Yee Kei - Serradura (Sawdust Pudding Cake)

Serradura, Macau
Established in 1954 in Taipa village, Gelatina Mok Yee Kei has become the go-to place for the legendary Macanese dessert Serradura which is highlights the colonial influence of the Portuguese. Serradura or the Portuguese sawdust pudding cake is a must-have dessert in Macau. This simple yet comforting street food in Macau is a delicate combination of sweetened vanilla cream and condensed milk atop finely crushed Marie tea biscuits that look like sawdust. Hence the name! 
Address - 9A, Rua do Cunha, Taipa
Timings - Every day - 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Price - Around MOP 25 per serving.

3. Sei Kee Cafe - Pork Chop Buns

Pork chop bun
Pork chop buns are the perfect street food in Macau if you are on the go. Sei kee Cafe makes unparalleled pork chop buns which are also revered as the Macanese hamburger. Marinated and cooked to perfection, the pork chops are unbelievably succulent and juicy. The chops are then tossed between nicely toasted buns for the perfect contrast to the soft portion of meat. Also, do not forget to team up the pork chop buns with iced lemon tea, coffee or even hot tea that is brewed in a clay pot like the cafes used to do back in the day.
Address - G/F, Edf Cheong Son, 7-15 Patio Da Palha, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro
Timings - 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM (closed on Tuesdays)
Price - MOP 30 for the pork chop buns and MOP 20 for the tea.

4. Pastelaria Fong Kie - Almond Cookies

Almond cookies
You need not wait for the Lunar New Year for relishing almond cookies. This Macau street food are available throughout the year and practically at every local bakery. Fong Kie bakes the most delicious almond cookies that simply melt in your mouth. These are made with almond and mung bean flour. The almond cookies are comforting and crumbly with bits of almonds in them for that nutty texture. Have them hot and fresh out of the oven or get a box packed for your loved ones back home for a little tea party!
Address - 14 R. do Cunha
Price - MOP 30 to 40 approximately.
Closed on Tuesdays

5. Koi Kei Bakery - Meat Jerky

Meat jerky
Bakkwa or meat jerky is another triumph among the street food in Macau. Meat Jerky at Koi Kei Bakery is absolutely delicious. The meat jerky has several variations. The most popular ones are hot and spicy beef jerky, hot and spicy pork jerky and honey-roasted pig, thin-sliced pork loin and fried pork floss. You can ask for a tiny slice of meat to try and then buy as per your taste and liking.
Branch 1 - Rua Felcidade 70-72, R / C - 9:00 AM to 11:30 PM
Branch 2 - Travessa Mataduoro No. 2B-2C, R / C - 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Branch 3 - Rua de S. Paulo, No. 20A, R / C - 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Branch 4 - Rua de S. Paulo, No. 24A - 24B, R / C - 9:00 AM to 10:30 PM
Branch 5 - Rua de S. Paulo, No. 23AA - 23AB, R / C- 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Branch 6 - Rua de S. Paulo, No. 34A - 34B, R / C - 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Price - MOP 70 to MOP 150 per pound depending on the flavour and type of meat.
There are many other outlets of Koi Kei Bakery in Macau where you will find good meat jerky but the above listed are more popular.

6. Long Wa Teahouse - Dimsums

Cantonese by origin, dimsums are steamed bite-sized snacks with vegetable and (or) meat filling. You will find the best dimsums at Long Wa Teahouse in Macau that is famous for its succulent dimsums with juicy and tender filling. These vary in size and shape and are served piping hot with sweet and spicy sauces. Here, you must call for steamed meatballs which are made of minced beef and water chestnut. Another one is Siu Mai which is steamed pork and mushroom dumpling. Also, clear soups with dumpling is another must-try street food in Macau at many stalls.
Address - 3 R. Norte do Mercado Alm. Lacerda
Timings - Every day - 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM (reservation required)
Price - MOP 25 per basket.

7. Gelatina Mok Yee Kei - Durian Ice Cream

Durian Ice Cream, Macau
Durian flavoured ice cream at Gelatina Mok Yee Kei is a Michelin recognised street food in Macau. Even though Durian is not indigenous to Macau, Durian ice cream is a must-have. You can opt for the regular Durian or Musang King (premium Durian) ice cream. This ice cream has a unique taste which is worth giving a shot if you have an experimental palate.
Address - 9A, Rua do Cunha, Taipa
Timings - Every day - 9:00 AM to 10:30 PM
Price - MOP 24 per cup for a regular one and MOP 30 per cup of the premium Musang King.

8. Lemon Cello Gelato - Gelato

Lemon Cello Gelato, Macau
If you have overstuffed your belly and are looking for a palate-cleansing light dessert, grab yourself a gelato. On a hot summer day in Macau, creamy, luscious gelato is your escape. You will find the best gelato at Lemon Cello Gelato which is one of the oldest ice-cream stalls in Macau that serves traditional Italian Gelato. There are more than sixty flavours to choose from, but you definitely got to try their signature Lemoncello Gelato. You can also go in for some offbeat flavours like ginger, beancurd, durian and banana sesame.
Address - Trav. Se11 R / C, .115 Rua Do Regedor, Taipa
Timings - Every day - 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Price - Around MOP 50 for a twin flavour cup or cone.

9. Koi Kei Bakery - Seaweed Pork Floss Rolls

Seaweed pork floss rolls
Koi Kei Bakery is not only famous for its meat jerky but also for its rolls and cakes. If you are out on a culinary adventure that is tucked away in the Macanese streets, go in for this out of the box combination of seaweed, egg and pork at Koi Kei Bakery. Hot and fresh, seaweed pork floss rolls are flaky savoury pockets filled with egg and fragments of pork, lined with seaweed outside. Also, the classic Phoenix egg roll is another must-try Macau street food at this bakery.
Branch 1 -  Rua Felcidade 70-72, R / C - 9:00 AM to 11:30 PM
Branch 2 - Travessa Mataduoro No. 2B - 2C, R / C - 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Branch 3 - Rua de S. Paulo, No. 20A, R / C - 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Branch 4 - Rua de S. Paulo, No. 24A-24B, R / C - 9:00 AM to 10:30 PM
Branch 5 - Rua de S. Paulo, No. 23AA - 23AB, R / C - 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Branch 6 - Rua de S. Paulo, No. 34A - 34B, R / C - 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Price - MOP 70 to 80 per box of rolls.
There are many other outlets of Koi Kei Bakery in Macau but the above listed are more popular.

10. Leitaria I Son - Steamed Milk Pudding 

Steamed Milk Pudding with Red Beans
Popular as Yee Shun Milk Company, Leitaria I Son is renowned for its steamed milk pudding. Akin to pannacotta, steamed milk pudding is a Chinese dessert that is made with milk, sugar and egg white. Delicately sweetened, this protein-rich pudding is available in ginger flavour too. You can also try their red bean milk pudding if you wish to go for something different. Hot or cold, this pudding is a taste of heaven.
Address - Yee Shun Milk Company, 381 Av. de Almeida Ribeiro (4-minute walk from Senado Square)
Timings - Ever day - 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Price - MOP 30 per pudding approximately
Also try street food skewers, lobsters and shrimps that you will find in every nook and corner of the city. If you are high on tea, you must try bubble tea and chrysanthemum tea. 


  • If you are visiting Macau in November, make sure to visit the iconic “Macau Food Festival.”
  • If you have extra time, do visit other shops, bakeries and stalls on these streets in Macau -
  • Rua de S. Paulo, Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro or San Ma Lo
  • Rua da Felicidade
  • Travessa do Auto Novo near Senado Square
  • Rua do Cunha in Taipa Village
  • Broadway Food Street 
Whether you are shopping in local markets or just loafing around in the city, the street food in Macau will make sure that you never go hungry. Grab a tidbit and keep moving!

This post was published by Shreya Peshawaria

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