Food of Macau

There are some great outlets in Macau for various foods - some expensive, some very low budget- all equally delicious. Portuguese egg tarts ar Lord Stow's, pork chop bun at Tai Lei Lok Kei which is in Taipa, egg rolls at 312 Rua Direita Caros Eugenio in Taipa sold by a local, Portuguese seafood rice at Temptations, Prawn Tartar at Casa de Tampas, almond cookies and sweet pork jerkey. Serradura for their desserts like chilled puddings, pork lard at Casa dos Grelhados and black garlic chocolate at McPherson's sweet's shoppe.

Food for Indians in Macau

Indian restaruants are plentiful in Macau and some noteworthy ones are - Golden Peacock, Indian Spice Restaurant, Indian Spice, Ali Curry House.

Macau Photos

Macau, China
Macau (Vegas of China) - Well-known for Western Cultural Heritage
St Paul Church - 17th Century Historical Landmark in Macau
Sai Van Bridge - 2.2 km Long Cable-Styled Bridge, Macau

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