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Food of Istanbul

Istanbul caters to cuisines from all kinds. It has many restaurants, popular street foods, as well as tons of fast food joints. Though while you're here, you must try some local dishes, such as the simit, which is like a Turkish bagel, and unbelievably delicious; the balik-ekmek is a fish sandwich which is a hugely popular street food; d_ner which is a meat prepared on a vertical rotisserie; the lahmacun or the Turkish pizza; and of course you cannot leave without trying the Turkish Kebabs. You will discover many amazing street foods throughout the city as you go on exploring.

Food for Indians in Istanbul

There are many options for Indian food in Istanbul. The Musafir Indian Restaurant (Receppasa Caddesi) is very popular, and so are restaurants like Little India (Gedik Pasa Cami Sokak) and the Swaad Indian Restaurant (Binbirdirek Mah. Peykhane Sok) which is also very good. Finally, the Dubb Ethnic Restaurant (Amiral Taftil Sok) is the best among all the Indian restaurants and the Dubb Indian Restaurant (Sultanahmet) also provides a great menu for the vegetarians and the jains, along with Little India and Swaad.

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