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Food of Manama

Located in the Middle East, the local cuisine of Bahrain thus comprises typical Middle Eastern cuisine for most parts of it. While rice, kebabs and fish form the staples, olives, herbs and spices compliment the dishes. Hummus (thick paste of ground chickpeas with sesame seeds, olive oil, lemon and garlic) Falafels (mashed chickpeas formed into balls and deep fried), Shawarma and Tabouleh (a cracked wheat salad with vegetables) are the usual fare. Typical Bahraini delicacies would be Machboos (rice mixed with chicken or fish, cooked in spices and garnished with dry fruits), the Qoozi (grilled lamb stuffed with rice, eggs, onions and spices) and Muhammar (rice mixed with dates). Halwa made of corn starch, saffron, nuts and honey, is the favourite dessert. Gahwa is the local coffee, served with dates. International cuisine from around the globe, in the likes of Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Continental are all served in the numerous high end restaurants.

Food for Indians in Manama

Mantra, The Yellow Chilli, Spices, Rasoi by Vineet all serve elaborate Indian cuisine. Anand Bhavan, the popular south Indian chain has its branch here, serving pure vegertarian South Indian food.

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