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How to Reach Istanbul from India

Direct flights between India Turkey are operated by Air India and Turkish Airlines from New Delhi and Mumbai. From all other international airports, connecting flights have to be taken to Istanbul, and airlines such as Etihad Airways, Aeroflot, Oman Air and many other international airlines provide services on these routes.

How to reach Istanbul by flight

Istanbul's Ataturk International Airport is the city's and also Turkey's primary and busiest airport. It is extremely well connected to major cities all over the globe. The national carrier Turkish Airlines connects Istanbul to most of these destinations, along with several other international airlines.

How to reach Istanbul by road

The first 5 numbered motorways, 0. 1 through 0. 5 all connect Istanbul to various cities in Turkey. The motorways are toll roads and the HGS (Jump System) is used to pay for tolls.

How to reach Istanbul by train

Istanbul is fairly well connected to cities in the country via the rail network. A high speed train line also connects Istanbul to the capital city of Ankara. Trains to Istanbul are also available from European destinations. However, these take a lot of time and are now not a popular mode of transport.

How to reach Istanbul by bus

There are several bus routes connecting Istanbul to international destinations such as Romania, Bulgaria, Greece in Europe and Syria and Iran in the Middle-east. Domestically, there are several bus services connect Istanbul to nearby cities.

How to reach Istanbul by Waterways

Istanbul is decently connected to nearby European countries via sea. The cruise liners and ferries usually dock at Karakoy port, or downtown.

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