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"Kas- A mellow Destination of turkey"

Kas Tourism

Kas may not be the finest beach you have ever been too, however its central location as well as a pleasant atmosphere make it one of the most sought places by the tourists. This is one of the places where you can enjoy many water activities ranging from water sport to underwater diving.

Kas is one of the Meditterenean regions located inside the country of Turkey. This place is known to be approximately 10 k.m. long and is known to have several beaches which are no more than few metres in length. This place is known to be similar to any other beach and you would find tons of eateries in and around this place. This is one of the few locations in turkey where you would be able to enjoy most of the water sports such as scuba diving as well as numerous underwater sports.

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Currency in Kas

The primary currency utilised all through Turkey is Turkish Lira. This is accepted all through the country and you would have no issue using it.

Exchanging Money in Kas

You would be able to find numerous money changing counters in this area, however it would be a wise thought to get it exchanged at the airport you land. You would be able to find ATM's pretty easily and hence that won't be much of an issues.

Daily Budget for Kas

You would encounter different costs based on what sorts of amenities you demand. However average cost of being in turkey is TRY 350. This includes sleeping eating and a bit of moving around and having a couple of beers.

Religion of Kas

98 percent of people living in this country are known to be Muslims out of which 85 percent are Sunnis while the remaining 15 percent are Shitte sects.

Kas Customs

This country over the years has adopted the growing trend of urbanisations therefore there are similar customs and traditions followed here as in any other modern nation. However, being a muslim county this place does follow the principles of Quran and is also known to perform numerous traditions as well as festivals related to the Muslim religion.

Language of Kas

Most people speak Turkish however you would find some guides as well as younger people who can actually communicate in English.

History of Kas

Kas as known to be founded by the Lyceans and in their language this place was called as Habesos.Over the years this city served as the port for much of a foreign exchange however it was also used to transport the population of Turkey to Greece. You can still find the remains of the abadoned homes in this city.

Nightlife in Kas

Being a beach location this place is known to have numerous cafes as well as bars. You can easily find number of restaurants serving alochol as well as having a rooftop party. In fact it wouldnêt be an exaggeration if I say that this place tends to have one of the best rooftop parties ever.

Shopping in Kas

You would be able to find as well as purchase some great quality carpet shoes and handmade jewelleries. There are numerous shops present in here which sell sea items as well as artifacts belonging to the local culture.

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Kas, Turkey

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FAQs on Kas

What is the best time to visit Kas?

June, July and August is the best time to visit Kas in Turkey. March-May is the spring season and the temperature ranges between 79.9°F (26.6°C) and 62.9°F (17.2°C). There are 1-3 days of significant rainfall per month during spring and tourists are pretty decent too. Summer months of June-August are the busiest in terms of tourism in Kas. There’s no rainfall, and the weather is neither too warm nor too cold. Although termed as summer, tourists are generally overflowing in Turkey during these months. Hence, you need to make your bookings well in advance. September-November is a little humid and windy. The temperature ranges between 87.8°F (31°C) and 68.7°F (20.4°C). This comes under the low season, and hence, the streets are empty and best for people who wish to travel without the crowds around. Winters in Turkey is too cold and windy which makes it fall under the low season for tourists. December-February sees the least amount of travellers in the country.
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What is the local food in Kas?

Turkish people normally consume fried vegetable such as eggplant, potatoes alongwith yogurt and sauce. Some of the famous dishes of this place are Menemen and cilbir. Tomatoes, Sheep Cheese etc, are also consumed here on regular basis.
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What are the top hotels in Kas?

There are 294 in Kas which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Kas are Braeside Apartment, Home-Lu, Villa Victoria, Paradise 4 Apartment, Center Apartment, Villa Troya Kas Peninsula. You can see all the hotels in Kas here

What are the places near Kas?

The top places near to Kas are Antalya which is 123 km from Kas, Pamukalle which is located 196 km from Kas, Izmir which is located 331 km from Kas, Istanbul which is located 537 km from Kas, Ankara which is located 501 km from Kas

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