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"Izmir- City With Modernisation"

Izmir Tourism

Izmir is one of the main cities located in the country of Turkey. This metropolitan city is known to contain third largest number of people after Istanbul and Ankara. This place is known as the most westernised city located in Turkey and is known to have a history old to almost 4000 years. This is also one of the prime ports located in the country and hence is responsible for the Turkey's exchange with foreign nations.

Izmir is one of the cities which has almost 4000 years of history. The history of this city is even older than the human settlement. Today this city is known to be one of the prime cities where modernisation has reached and it known to be surrounded by some very beautiful valleys as well as mountains. Previously called as Smyrna, this place is known to be filled with huge shopping centres, glass buildings and numerous other settlements. This place is known to have more of an european style of living and tends give a very little impression of being one of the prime cities located in the country of Turkey. This is one of the beautiful locations for people to come and visit and is also known to be one of the prime places for sight seeing all through the nation.

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Currency in Izmir

The primary currency utilised all through Turkey is Turkish Lira. This is accepted all through the country and you would have no issue using it.

Exchanging Money in Izmir

This city of Turkey has become very much modernised and you would be able to find banks as well as money changing outlets all through the city. You can carry cash or an withdraw money later as there are plenty of ATM's available.

Daily Budget for Izmir

You would encounter different costs based on what sorts of amenities you demand. However average cost of being in turkey is TRY 250. This includes sleeping eating and a bit of moving around and having a couple of beers.

Religion of Izmir

98 percent of people living in this country are known to be Muslims out of which 85 percent are Sunnis while the remaining 15 percent are Shitte sects.

Izmir Customs

This country over the years has adopted the growing trend of urbanisations therefore there are similar customs and traditions followed here as in any other modern nation. However, being a muslim county this place does follow the principles of Quran and is also known to perform numerous traditions as well as festivals related to the Muslim religion.

Language of Izmir

While mostyl around the city you will find people speaking Turkish, there are some who known Arabic as well. There are few people as well as tourist guides which happen to know English as well

History of Izmir

Izmir is a country which is known to be the source of modernisation among most of the ancient civilisations.This place was previously called as Smyrna and was located as an island in the bay. This place is known to be inhabited by the human from 3000 B.C. and is one of the few cities which were established during the bronze age.

Nightlife in Izmir

This place as located near the bay is known to be full of parties as well as celebrations going on all through the night. One of the common places which is appreciated by many is the Kordor pub and caf_. The interior is amazing the parties as well as the sound is wonderful. You would also find other cafes which offer this exquisite as well as cheerful environment.

Shopping in Izmir

There arenêt much of artifacts as well as craft sold at this place and you would normally find people shopping in the two famous malls located in the city, one being Forum, the other one being Konak Pier. Incase you are looking for some souveniers then the Kemaretti centre is pretty famous in and around this area.

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Izmir, Turkey

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FAQs on Izmir

What is the best time to visit Izmir?

May to August is the best time to visit Izmir. The place has got a Mediterranean climatic condition most of the year. During the peak season, the weather is warm and great to roam around the places. October is warm in Izmir and not hot, with cooler evenings. This makes the evening strolls excellent too. The average temperature from mid-September and October ranges between 18°C to 23°C. The hottest month is July, and the temperature gets an average high of around 33°C. Summers are all about plentiful of sunrays with approximately 14 hours of broad daylight. There’s a lot of rainfall during autumn months, and the average precipitation range is of about 40 mm. However, the wettest of all months are December and January, which gets more than 13 days of rain and an average of 137 mm of precipitation every year.
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What is the local food in Izmir?

Turkish people normally consume fried vegetable such as eggplant, potatoes alongwith yogurt and sauce. Some of the famous dishes of this place are Menemen and cilbir. Tomatoes, Sheep Cheese etc, are also consumed here on regular basis.
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What are the places near Izmir?

The top places near to Izmir are Pamukalle which is 181 km from Izmir, Istanbul which is located 327 km from Izmir, Antalya which is located 357 km from Izmir, Kas which is located 331 km from Izmir, Mykonos which is located 192 km from Izmir

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