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The local cuisine is an eclectic mix of Indian, Mediterranean, Arabian and Persion. Kuwaiti cuisine is more like comfort food, hearty meals in family size portions. Kuwaiti restaurants were earlier very rare, over the years there are some authentic ones that have come up. Most local restaurants serve the same fare, however what makes each distinct from the other is the use of baharat, spices. Basmati rice, lamb, fish and chicken with assortment of spices constitute the staple ingredients. Machboos, rice with lamb, chicken or fish served with duqoos, a home made tomato sauce, while Murubian, is shrimp with dill, peppers and cilantro on a bed of rice. Tashreeb,thin flat bread in a tomato lamb stew with vegetables and lemons, Mutabag, a tomato based stew with chicken, fish or lamb, are for the love of tomatoes! Biriyani here is of Indian influence, with a local twist here and there. A lot of desserts are with dates as the primary ingredient, like date rolls, dates with sesame seeds. Logaymat, different types of Halva, Kuwaiti Sponge Cake, Meghli, Nammurah and so many more are for your sweeth tooth! International cuisine, on the contrary is more prominent here. Restaurants serve Oriental, Italian, Japanese, Greek, apart from the usual fast food chains.

Food for Indians in Kuwait City

Indian restaurants are not only in plenty but also serve great variety and delicious food. It is advisable for vegetarian to not eat in the local restaurants that serve meat/fish, as they would just remove the chicken in the Chicken Mutabag and serve it to you! Head to either the pure vegetarian restaurants or any other big establishment serving international cuisine.

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