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Amman Tourism

Amman is the capital city of Jordan and is one of the most westernized cities in Middle east. This historic city serves as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Jordan, a beautiful mix of ancient ruins with a modern, cosmopolitan vibe.

Amman is a unique blend of old and new. An ancient city whose history spans a couple of millennia, the city is loaded with global and national history around every corner, a testament to the glorious past of the area. The Amman Citadel and the massive Roman theater are sure to take your breath away while leaving you captivated with their magnificence and still-standing structures, carefully preserved through the eras gone by. In the commercial heart of the city, there are state of the art buildings, restaurants, art galleries, museums and cafes. All of these co-exist comfortably with traditional coffee shops, outdoor markets, stalls and artisan workshops. The people of Amman are known for being extremely hospitable to tourists, and it is a city to visit for those who are interested in history with a modern touch. As the largest city of Jordan, you will find not just Jordanians here, but a beautiful mix of Palestinians, Armenians, Iraqis, Syrians and many other cultures, all living together harmoniously in this exciting city. The cosmopolitan population of the city also entitles it to having one of the best nightlifes in the Middle-east, as well as a delicious range of global cuisine to spoil you for choice during your visit.

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Currency in Amman

Apart from Jordanian Dinars, the currencies accepted include Euros and American Dollars, though it is advisable to carry Dinars with you. There are banks and ATMs where you can withdraw money.

Exchanging Money in Amman

Changing currencies is an easy process in Amman, as there are numerous banks throughout the city which will exchange most currencies.

Daily Budget for Amman

A small budget should be up to 30 JOD, a medium budget from 30 - 70 JOD, and a high budget above 70 JOD.

Religion of Amman

Majority of the Jordanian population is Muslim, but there are a significant number of Christians as well. Jordan is welcoming to practitioners of all religions.¾

Amman Customs

Jordan is fairly liberal by Islamic standards but is still considered restrictive by Western standards. Women, particularly, are advised to dress conservatively, and while covering your head is not a requirement for a non _ Muslim, it is advised you do so at least when visiting religious areas. For men, wearing shorts away from the swimming pool are not advised, and for footwear, sandals are fine for both genders.

Language of Amman

Arabic is the official language, but English is spoken as well. It is advised to know few phrases in Arabic and always keep a translation book in your pocket.

History of Amman

Excavations near and in Amman have turned up objects dating back as far as 3500 BC. Biblical references indicate that by 1200 BC, Rabbath Ammon (the Great City of the Ammonites mentioned in the Old Testament) was the capital of the Ammonites. The history of Amman between 585 BC and the rule of the Ptolemyês of Egypt is unclear. Ptolemy Philadelphius rebuilt the city during his reign, and the city was named Philadelphia after him. Philadelphia was the seat of bishops in the early Byzantine period, but the city fell to the Persians in 614 A.D. The city was named Amman by 636 AD. Amman was a backwater of 2000 residents when a colony of Circassians settled there again in 1878. In 1921 it became the centre of Trans _ Jordan¾when it was made the headquarters of Emir Abdullah. In 1948 many Palestinians settled in and around Amman and two years later, it was officially declared the capital of the Hashemite kingdom.

Nightlife in Amman

There are plenty of nightclubs in Amman, all of which offer opportunities to drink and dance. If youêre looking for something more traditional, thereês also the option of frequenting establishments with Arabic music and dance, and many international restaurants also offer live entertainment. You may also go to cinemas where you will get all the latest international releases.

Shopping in Amman

If youêre looking to shop, you should head to the Rainbow street where youêll get local handmade goods or the Wakalat Street which contains more branded names. Both these streets have restaurants and cafes as well. For a more traditional shopping experience, you may also head to Downtown Amman, which hosts a myriad of shops.

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FAQs on Amman

What is the best time to visit Amman?

The best times to visit Amman is from March to May, or from September to November, when the weather is light and pleasant. At any other time, it might be too hot or too cold.
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What is the local food in Amman?

International cuisine is available at the large number of four and five star hotels. Local Arabic food, Italian, Oriental, Mexican, Continental, and Indian food is available in the city in areas such as Tla Al Ali, Airport Road, Jabal Amman, Shmeisani, Sweifeh, and University area. Jordan serves one of the best falafel in the middle east. Hasmen restaurant is the most famous one in Amman visited by politicians, important people and members of royal family.
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What is the best way to reach Amman?

The best way to reach Amman is to fly there, though you can also fly to Israel, cross the border and drive from there.
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What are the top hotels in Amman?

There are 353 in Amman which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Amman are Nasrawi Apartment, Aqarco View Apartments, Modern, Resort like w/pool, The Royal Luxury King Apartment, Western Gate Residence 1 - Amman, Jordan, Aladdin Guest House. You can see all the hotels in Amman here

What are the places near Amman?

The top places near to Amman are Petra which is 185 km from Amman, Jerusalem which is located 70 km from Amman, Aqaba which is located 282 km from Amman, Tel aviv which is located 109 km from Amman, Beirut which is located 220 km from Amman

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