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"Of Turquoise Waters and Luxury"

Gocek Tourism

Gocek is a town in the Fethiye district of Mugla Province, Turkey. The resort town of Gocek offers panoramic views of the sea and lush green valleys. It is an ideal place for travelers who enjoy a country-style vacation in the middle of nowhere. Located at a 20-minute hilly drive from Dalaman Airport, Gocek is known for its gorgeous beaches, shorelines, and turquoise waters.

Gocek, as a laid-back destination, has not much to explore. The Oniki Adalar or the twelve islands situated on the Gulf of Gocek are extremely popular for their coves and isles. In addition, the Gocek coastline is studded with palm trees, and a wonderful waterfront promenade is framed between them. This is a popular destination for evening strolls by the waters. The Gulf of Gocek is one of the most picturesque yachting destinations in the country and the Mediterranean basin.

Gocek is considered an excellent pit stop for travelling to Fethiye, Dalaman and Antalya. Since the village has only one private beach, numerous wooden tour boats leave every morning to visit other areas. The Twelve Islands, which are strung out like a belt across the opening of the harbour, offer the best diving and snorkelling experiences near their beaches and in their coves. Gocek is an abode of tranquillity and a fantastic destination for couples on their honeymoon. It is often visited by people who are looking for a luxurious vacation.

Things to do in Gocek

1. Paragliding in Gocek

Paragliding in Gocek
Gocek is one of the most popular places for paragliding in Fethiye. The glide starts from Babadag mountains, at an altitude of 2000 meters from sea level, and takes a U-shaped curve to land on the san (Read More)dy beach below. The session is led by a professional pilot. The duration of the flight is about 30 minutes. Weather conditions can affect flight timings or duration.

2. Quad Biking in Gocek

Quad Biking in Gocek
Quad biking and buggy riding are popular activities on the trip to Gocek. There are many centers in Gocek that provide quad biking tours and safaris. The centers provide a basic introduction to the bi (Read More)kes and their functioning, but since quad biking is relatively easy, not much training is required. Visitors can ride alone or with a partner.

3. Horse Safari in Gocek

Horse Safari in Gocek
Horse riding is a popular activity among tourists in Gocek. There are several horse ranges and clubs for both beginners and experienced riders. Many ranges in Gocek also provide basic horse riding tra (Read More)ining for amateur riders or beginners. For more expert riders, there is a 5-day horseback riding tour from Koycegiz to Gocek through beaches, villages, forests, lakes, and fields.

Must Know Before You Travel to Gocek

  • Boat charter companies throughout Gocek offer day trips to the 12 islands. Since these tours are mostly private, you must book the entire yacht.
  • Gocek is relatively expensive to Fethiye and Dalaman in terms of food and accommodation.
  • The natural marvels of Dalyan, Fethiye, Oludeniz, or well-known Lycian sites like Tlos and Xanthos can all be reached from Gocek in an hour's drive.
  • The best way to get around Gocek is on foot.
  • Water taxis are a must-experience in Gocek.
  • Book your accommodation at Gocek if you want to live away from the city lights of Dalaman or Fethiye.  A bus to Fethiye or Dalaman will cost anywhere from TRY 40-110 for a 30-minute ride. Taxis will cost between 180-200 TRY. 

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