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Best Time: The best time to visit this place is during the month of September. Read More

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"Pamukalle-The City of Minerals"

Pamukalle Tourism

Pamukalle is a city located in the western side of Turkey. This city is called as the city of minerals as there are a lot of minerals left on the shores of this city by flowing water. Called as the natural spa this place has tourism as one of its major industries. People come to this place all the time and prefer bathing in its fresh as well as natural water.

Pamukalle is a turkish word which means 'a castle of cotton'. This city is known to be one of the famous location all through the country of Turkey due to the presence of numerous springs as well as travertines. This area of turkey is known to be the source of numerous minerals as well as carbonates which are left here by the flowing water. SInce the ancient times the water or ponds found in this area have been utilised as spa and this is one of the major reasons why tourists prefer being here more often. This area has been declared as the world heritage sites and you won't be able to find full fledged hotels in this area. However this location has a beautiful scenic view and nature lovers must visit this place at least once in their lifetime.

Pamukalle Highlights

1. Travertines

Large Rocks made out of minerals.

2. Hierapolis

Signs as well as ruins of Roman civilisation.

3. Hierapolis Archaelogy Museum

Hierapolis Archaelogy Museum
A museum which contains the remains of Roman era.

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More on Pamukalle

Religion of Pamukalle

98 percent of people living in this country are known to be Muslims out of which 85 percent are Sunnis while the remaining 15 percent are Shitte sects.

Pamukalle Customs

This country over the years has adopted the growing trend of urbanisations therefore there are similar customs and traditions followed here as in any other modern nation. However, being a muslim county this place does follow the principles of Quran and is also known to perform numerous traditions as well as festivals related to the Muslim religion.

Language of Pamukalle

The older people tend to communicate mostly in Turkish, however the amongst the younger lot you might find people who actually speak English.

History of Pamukalle

This city located in Turkey has been utilised as a 'spa' since the ancient times. The high content of minerals arose due to shifting of fault in between the Menderis valley.Due to this shift there were certain minerals which were ejaculated from beneath surface. There were certain radio active minerals present too which happen to give this place its white colour.

Nightlife in Pamukalle

This place is known for its excellent production of wine which are now being known by most people across the world. You can easily grab a couple of beers and enjoy belly dance as well as other traditional celebrations organised in this area.

Shopping in Pamukalle

This place is known to be famous for its cotton wares as well as for its stonewares. You would also be interested in buying certain souveniers from this place as they are compartively cheaper than anywhere else in Turkey.

Best Time to Visit Pamukalle

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Pamukalle Photos

Pamukalle, Turkey
Travertine terrace formations at Pamukkale, Turkey. May 21, 2011

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FAQs on Pamukalle

What is the best time to visit Pamukalle?

Try visiting this place in the month of September due to two reasons. First, because during the other months it can be extremely hot or extremely cold , hence you wonĂȘt be able to enjoy this spot completely. Second, during the months of September numerous festivals are organised which is something you would enjoy.
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What is the local food in Pamukalle?

Turkish people normally consume fried vegetable such as eggplant, potatoes alongwith yogurt and sauce. Some of the famous dishes of this place are Menemen and cilbir. Tomatoes, Sheep Cheese etc, are also consumed here on regular basis.
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What are the places near Pamukalle?

The top places near to Pamukalle are Antalya which is 180 km from Pamukalle, Kas which is located 196 km from Pamukalle, Izmir which is located 181 km from Pamukalle, Istanbul which is located 343 km from Pamukalle, Ankara which is located 393 km from Pamukalle

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