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Sawantwadi is a scenic town situated in the Konkan region of Maharashtra in the Sindhudurg district. It is located on the National Highway (NH17) that connects Mumbai and Goa.

It is popular stop for people commuting to Mumbai or Goa for refreshment and rest. It is closely built town where everything is situated near each other making it an ideal pitstop for tourists.

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Hotels in Sawantwadi

There are decent lodging facilities in Sawantwadi. Because it is not a popular tourist place, getting accommodation isn't difficult. Usually tourists check in at Sawantwadi for overnight stays between train journeys however, one can stay longer for rest and peace as it is an ideal location for a quiet holiday.

What's Great?

Sawantwadi is a beautiful hill station with lush green forests and beautiful valleys. It is also famous for its wooden handicrafts and toys.

What's not so Great?

Having a tropical climate, it is very humid and hence, preparation must be done accordingly.

For Whom

Sawantwadi is a place for people looking for a getaway from the hustle bustle of the city, who love nature and lush greenery.

One Day Itinerary

Reach early morning to Sawantwadi, have a quick breakfast and head off to Sawantwadi Palace. You can explore the whole palace which showcases the regal lifestyle of the royalty of the 6th and 7th century. After that, you can go for boating in the Moti Talav nearby. It is a beautiful lake with an amazing view of the Palace. Later, you can visit the twin Manohar-Santoshgad forts which are separated by a narrow valley. When the sunset is due, you can head to the Narendra hills where you can enjoy with your loved ones against a beautifully scenic view. And finally, you can visit Chitarali where you can buy souvenirs. You can buy wooden toys, jewellery boxes, Ganjifa cards, exotic lacquerware, which Sawantwadi is well-known for.

Exploring traditional culture at Sawantwadi

Sawantwadi is a small picturesque town amidst the Sahyadri Hills and the Arabian Sea. Housed in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra, it holds unique due to the centuries-old traditional art of making wooden toys, Ganjifas ( the name given to an ancient card game), and more. Some part of the town is now converted into a museum. It showcases lacquer artefacts, the Ganjifas, some stone images and also showcases a history of ancestors. The community of Sawantwadi specialises in the art of making toys out of wood. To buy wooden toys as well as other handicraft items including jewellery boxes, Ganjifa cards, popular exotic lacquer ware, hand-knit bags, purses, bamboo craft and earthen pottery, you can visit Chitarali.

The local cuisine here is that of Malvani food known for it's spicy food of curries and fries.
Being close to the Konkan side and Goa, little of Konkani Cuisine as also seeped in, thus you can find konkani styled fishes and Kokum Juice which is refreshing juice to have during summers.

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- Though hotels are available even during peak seasons, it is best to enquire beforehand especially if you plan to stay for a few days.


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