What is the best time to visit Dublin?

March-May during Spring is the best time to visit Dublin. The Irish rain is famous around the world, and most tourists plan their trips trying to avoid it. But since the city sees rain almost all-year-round, it is well equipped to handle it. The crowd is under control, the weather is pleasant, and the hotel prices are yet to rise, making the months of March, April and May the ideal months to travel to this part of the world. The museums and parks have fewer crowds and a lot of time can be spent studying the cultural history of the place. Besides, March is also the month that brings with it the famous St.Patrick’s celebrations, thus making it all the more viable a month for paying a visit to this city in Ireland. Dublin experiences frigid winters from November to February. This is the time when all outdoor activities are put to a hold, making it the worst time to visit this city. Most of the local population nooks up indoors and there isn’t any specific activity in the city during these months.

Weather in Dublin


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Monthly Weather in Dublin

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 11°/ 5° 7 days
February 10°/ 4° 15 days
March 11°/ 4° 3 days
April 14°/ 6° 3 days
May 15°/ 8° 6 days
June 17°/ 10° 12 days
July 21°/ 13° 6 days
August 20°/ 13° 11 days
September 18°/ 10° 9 days
October 14°/ 8° 12 days
November 11°/ 6° 18 days
December 10°/ 5° 7 days

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