What is the best time to visit Blackpool?

Mid March to October attracts the maximum number of tourists every year. The summer season in Blackpool runs from June to August and that is the best time suited for amusement parks, beach activities and festivals. If one wants to avoid the summer heat, the spring months can be the perfect time. However, Winter Gardens and the Pleasure Beach are open to public only during the month of March. If you are not a fan of Monsoons, avoid the autumn season because light spell of rains can occur during any time. But, Blackpool Illuminations, one of the best events here take place in November.

Weather in Blackpool


Upcoming Blackpool Weather

Monthly Weather in Blackpool

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 9°/ 5° 14 days
February 8°/ 4° 22 days
March 10°/ 3° 12 days
April 14°/ 6° 1 days
May 14°/ 8° 8 days
June 17°/ 11° 16 days
July 19°/ 14° 11 days
August 19°/ 14° 17 days
September 17°/ 11° 17 days
October 13°/ 8° 17 days
November 9°/ 5° 13 days
December 9°/ 5° 14 days

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