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"The Soaring Dutch City"

Rotterdam Tourism

The second largest city of Netherlands and the largest port in all of Europe, Rotterdam is one of the most progressed cities of recent times. Complete with it's brilliant attractions and iconic modern buildings, Rotterdam is a must have on your Dutch itinerary.

After the second world war, Rotterdam was a city in utter ruins. But when you look at the city today, you would never guess it. This modern Dutch city today houses some of the most striking works of architecture you will ever lay your eyes upon, and in the last few decades has grown into a city of real influence in the country and even Europe. It's ideal location along the Nieuwe Maas has ensured it's growth at a rapid rate. This growth can clearly be seen in the number of eye catching structures in this city. The first is across the river itself, the Erasmus Bridge, also known as the swan. As you move into the city, you'll come across the monumental Markthal, the thought provoking Kunsthal, and the unbelievably intriguing Cube Houses. Some of the best architectural minds of Holland have worked their magic in the city and it clearly shows. Shopping and nightlife in the city are simply superb, with a variety of options ready to look after whatever your needs are. The Dutch football club FC Feyenoord also call Rotterdam their home. The city's skyline is actually a rare feature which isn't usually seen in Dutch cities, but Rotterdam has truly grown into a progressive and forward looking city. The lively and bustling atmosphere of the city is made better by the pleasant people and interesting attractions, making Rotterdam one tremendous city.

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Currency in Rotterdam

Euro is the currency which is used in the Netherlands. It is the only currency which is used and accepted in Rotterdam. Credit cards are not accepted at smaller places, while major debit cards like Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted. Though it's best to have some cash on you at all times.

Shopping in Rotterdam

If you're in Rotterdam to shop, you will not be disappointed. All the big global brands and also Dutch brands can be found in abundance. Van Oldebarneveltstraat is famed as the place to go if you're looking for some high end shopping, while Beurstraverse has a collection of several international and local brands.

Nightlife in Rotterdam

You'll find that the nightlife in Rotterdam is tailored to take care of all interests. From up-scale and quiet bars to banging nightclubs, the city has it all. The underground music scene in Rotterdam, as in the larger Dutch cities, is huge. Witte de Withstraat is the one place you should head for no matter what you're looking for. Places like Worm, Wunderbar, Toffler, Blender etc are very popular. Some places even accept the Rotterdam Welcome Card for entry.

History of Rotterdam

Settlements in the area date back to around the 10th century, while the status of a city was granted to Rotterdam in 1340 by Williem III. Rotterdam slowly developed as an important port, and it grew by leaps and bounds after the completion of the Nieuwe Waterweg in 1872. It even housed the tallest building in Europe back in 1898, the Witte Huis. While the country remained neutral during WW I, but Netherlands was invaded by the Nazi Germany during WW II. Most of the city was totally demolished by the bombings by Luftwaffe, the German air force. The city crawled back to it's feet, and after the 1970s redevelopment started to concentrate on building modern and progressive buildings. As decades passed, more and more spectacular works of architecture kept coming up making Rotterdam the city it is today.

Language of Rotterdam

Though Dutch is the language spoken everywhere, English is widely spoken and understood in Rotterdam

Rotterdam Customs

The Dutch are fairly informal in their demeanour. Direct and blunt behaviour, coupled with basic social manners is common and considered acceptable in the culture. The Dutch are a modest people who do not believe in splurging on the non essential. Ostentatious behaviour might cause you to come across as a snob or a show off, so it's best avoided. Hand shakes are the acceptable method of greeting someone new, but always identify yourself with your name to a new person. There are no restrictions to clothing and you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Tipping is not considered too important and can be avoided altogether. Small tips can be left for cabbies, porters or room service and the usual 5 - 10% at restaurants, or even small change will do.

Religion of Rotterdam


Daily Budget for Rotterdam

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Exchanging Money in Rotterdam

Currency exchange options in Rotterdam are not too many in number. You can get your money changed at the currency exchange kiosk in Centraal Station, and global ATM machines can also be used to withdraw money in Euros. Hotels too exchange money but their rates can be expensive.

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FAQs on Rotterdam

What is the best time to visit Rotterdam?

Summertime in Rotterdam is pleasant and warm. The city doesn't get overly crowded, and is just perfectly lively. The rains are at a minimum, and you'll find it an ideal time to explore the wonderful city on foot. Temperatures are moderate as well.
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What are the places near Rotterdam?

The top places near to Rotterdam are The hague which is 20 km from Rotterdam, Amsterdam which is located 57 km from Rotterdam, Delft which is located 12 km from Rotterdam, Eindhoven which is located 86 km from Rotterdam, Utrecht which is located 53 km from Rotterdam

What are the things to do in Rotterdam?

The top things to do in Rotterdam are Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Erasmusbrug (Erasmus Bridge), Diergaarde Blijdorp (Rotterdam Zoo), Markthal (Market Hall), Euromast, Fenix Food Factory. You can see all the places to visit in Rotterdam here

What is the local food in Rotterdam?

Rotterdam is an international city and as such you can find all the international fast food joints and also restaurants of cuisines from all over the globe. Check out the amazing market of fresh produce at Fenix Food Factory, and the great street food hall in Markthal. Mashed potatoes and meat are found in most dishes. Start your day with the massive cup of coffee called the Koffie Verkeerd, or fresh fruit juices that are easily available. Cheese is also a favourite ingredient of the Dutch, and also try the Bitterballen at the Hotel New York. Raw herring in sandwiches or accompanied with onions are a favourite. Street style fries are also a famous quick fix. All in all, the food scene in Rotterdam is top notch, and you'll find yourself indulging in a wide variety of delicious foods.
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