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What is the best time to visit Liverpool?

The coastal town of Liverpool experiences a temperate climate. All the seasons here are mild and it has quite cool summers along with gentle winters. However, it does not matter which season it is, you must expect the unexpected. While you are travelling, there are always chances of rain, wind, clouds and the sun. The major tourist season is during the late spring and summer as this is the time when you might get the best weather. Early autumn is also less crowded, yet you have a good weather. Winter months are the worst time to visit for sun loving visitors as during that time, there are long and cold nights.

Weather in Liverpool


Upcoming Liverpool Weather

Monthly Weather in Liverpool

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 10°/ 5° 8 days
February 9°/ 4° 19 days
March 11°/ 3° 9 days
April 16°/ 6° 3 days
May 15°/ 8° 7 days
June 18°/ 10° 14 days
July 20°/ 14° 7 days
August 20°/ 13° 14 days
September 18°/ 11° 12 days
October 13°/ 8° 13 days
November 9°/ 5° 13 days
December 9°/ 4° 9 days

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