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What is the best time to visit Ireland ?

Though the best time to visit is the late spring and early autumn for the best weather, people flock to Ireland during the summers and especially in the months of July and August. Seaside destinations are too crowded during these months as well as the remote areas get a considerable amount of tourist footprints.

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More about Best Time to Travel to Ireland

Spring (March-May)

The pleasant weather of the spring is interrupted with rainfall. The weather at some days is excellent, but sometimes it is bad. The cost of accommodation is lesser during these times. Though March is an interesting time to visit owing to the numerous events taking place. The largest annual event in Dublin takes place on March 17 for St Patrick's Day celebrations.

Summer (June - September)

The main tourist season in Ireland is during the summers, as the best part is that the temperature is not extremely hot. The weather is mild and the days are longer, which allows you to explore more. The cities are crowded, and the hotel rates are at the peak during this season.

Fall (October - November)

The weather during fall is pretty similar to that of spring, but it is a bit on the cooler side. Rainfalls are common during this time. October is also famous for festivals like Belfast festival at Queen's, Cork Jazz and the Dublin Theatre festival.

Winter (December - February)

The weather is at the worst during these months as the temperature is freezing. Frost is common in the months of January and February, but the snow is not common. It is more of rain and winds than snow. The hotel rates are the lowest during this season. February is time for the Dublin International Film Festival which is famous all over the world.
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