What is the best time to visit Manchester?

Manchester is forever under the spell of rain and thus, it makes it the most humid city in England. Still, Manchester is suitable for tourism all throughout the year. Though the peak seasons are from May to August and in the winter month of December. The climate is a temperate maritime one and it neither gets too cold or too warm. It hardly snows in winter, thus December also has the perfect weather. Before deciding your visit, make sure you check the crowds, prices, activities and festivals occurring during that time. Christmas in Manchester is really beautiful but there is a large rush of tourists as well as peak prices. From June to August, there are a lot of outdoor activities that take place.

Weather in Manchester


Upcoming Manchester Weather

Monthly Weather in Manchester

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 9°/ 4° 13 days
February 9°/ 3° 22 days
March 11°/ 3° 8 days
April 16°/ 6° 1 days
May 16°/ 7° 7 days
June 18°/ 10° 14 days
July 22°/ 13° 10 days
August 21°/ 13° 15 days
September 18°/ 10° 13 days
October 13°/ 7° 14 days
November 9°/ 4° 13 days
December 8°/ 3° 14 days

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