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"Blackpool: The undisputed capital of Entertainment in Britain."

Blackpool Tourism

After London, Blackpool can be considered as the most popular tourist destination in the entire country of England. It is a popular seaside resort which has a vintage charm of its own. _There are millions of people visiting this town every year and that makes it the number one ranked holiday resort._

Located on the north-western coast of England, Blackpool is a seaside resort in Lancashire, England. It is a small town located on the Irish Sea between Wyre and Ribble estuaries. Even though it is a small town, it never fails to excite the tourists as it has a lot of attractions like the Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Blackpool Illuminations and the Blackpool Tower. Until the 18th Century, Blackpool was a little hamlet beside the sea. Two men Sir Henry Houghton and Thomas Clifton built a private road to Blackpool which is now a thriving resort with numerous attractions. The town has a vintage charm of its own and celebrates a lot of festivals throughout the year.

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Currency in Blackpool

The pound is the basic unit of currency in England. Pennies are also used here and it stands for the plural term of pence. 100 pence makes one pound. Currency in England is more of coins and less of notes as there are coins of even 5 pounds. The pound is generally referred to as a "quid".

Shopping in Blackpool

Blackpool is an amazing place for some shopping. To start with, one can visit the Hounds hill shopping centre in the city. A lot of brands can be found here under the same roof. If someone is looking for designer clothing, Topping Street is the place. The local speciality shops can be found on the Red Bank Road in Bispham. Make sure to take home a stick of Blackpool rock with your name written on it and a mandatory Kiss me Quick hat.¾

Nightlife in Blackpool

The nightlife in Blackpool is outstanding and varied. There are pubs and clubs to cater to everyone's personal preferences. Whether it is a club, disco, bar, cabaret or karaoke, anything you want, Blackpool has it for you. Syndicate Superclub is the largest nightclub in Britain that has a revolving dance floor.¾

History of Blackpool

Established in the late 18th century, Blackpool is a seaside town which was developed later during the 19th century by Henry Burns who was a popular building constructor. There was a private road that connected the town to other parts of the country. The railway services in Blackpool started in 1840 and by 1846, Blackpool was a popular seaside resort.¾

Language of Blackpool

English is the most widely used language in Blackpool.

Blackpool Customs

Though it is a small town, there are not much restrictions when it comes to dress codes and etiquettes. The concept of giving tips in not much popular in UK.

Religion of Blackpool

Christianity is the major religion in Blackpool.

Daily Budget for Blackpool

The average daily budget can be between GBP 65 to GBP 85 depending on personal choices and expenditures. Travelling via cabs are costlier than travelling by buses. Budget for eating out depends on the type of cuisine you are going to eat or the type of restaurant you prefer.¾

Exchanging Money in Blackpool

The rate of exchange of money will be varying as one travels and in major tourism areas, one can find traders who specialise in converting currency including American Dollars and Euro into British Pounds. The best option is exchanging cash at a bank or using an ATM for this. ATMs are pretty common in Blackpool and one can use their debit or credit card to withdraw cash in pounds from any ATM. Eurochange Blackpool is a safe option for currency exchange.

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FAQs on Blackpool

What is the local food in Blackpool?

The iconic dish of Blackpool is considered to be the Fish and Chips and it is a must try when one visits Blackpool. Other than this, there are various restaurants and cafes that offer a wide range of seafood and European cuisine. Be it the fish and chips or the Oysters, Blackpool has so much to offer in terms of food. There is something for everyone according to the taste and budget. Harry Ramsden's, Mandarin and West Coast Rock Cafe are some of the most popular ones.
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What are the places near Blackpool?

The top places near to Blackpool are Liverpool which is 45 km from Blackpool, Manchester which is located 64 km from Blackpool, York which is located 128 km from Blackpool, London which is located 323 km from Blackpool, Bath which is located 275 km from Blackpool

What are the things to do in Blackpool?

The top things to do in Blackpool are Blackpool Tower, The Piers, Pleasure Beach Blackpool, Sea Life Centre , Louis Tussaud's Waxworks , Blackpool Zoo. You can see all the places to visit in Blackpool here

What are the top hotels in Blackpool?

There are 841 in Blackpool which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Blackpool are The Hotel Wilmar, The Lonsdale, The Arthington, The Seacroft Guest House, The Dudley Hotel, Arnside. You can see all the hotels in Blackpool here

What is the best time to visit Blackpool?

Mid March to October attracts the maximum number of tourists every year. The summer season in Blackpool runs from June to August and that is the best time suited for amusement parks, beach activities and festivals. If one wants to avoid the summer heat, the spring months can be the perfect time. However, Winter Gardens and the Pleasure Beach are open to public only during the month of March. If you are not a fan of Monsoons, avoid the autumn season because light spell of rains can occur during any time. But, Blackpool Illuminations, one of the best events here take place in November.
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