What is the best time to visit Daman?

The best time to visit Daman is between October - April when the ambience is heavenly and the climate pleasant. Since Daman is situated near the Arabian Sea, it experiences a tropical climate with mild winters and deary summers. Although Monsoon is a good option, the heavy rainfall in this region might make the trip a little bit inconvenient.

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Monthly Weather in Daman

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 27°/ 18° 0 days
February 30°/ 20° 0 days
March 30°/ 21° 0 days
April 34°/ 25° 0 days
May 33°/ 26° 0 days
June 32°/ 27° 14 days
July 29°/ 26° 28 days
August 29°/ 26° 25 days
September 29°/ 25° 28 days
October 32°/ 25° 15 days
November 32°/ 24° 5 days
December 30°/ 22° 0 days

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Daman in Winter (October - February)

Winter is the most popular time of the year to visit Daman. The landscape is refreshed and replenished after the monsoon, and the sea is calm. With temperatures ranging between 10°C and 15°C the weather is at its best in the winter.

The sky is clear blue with stark white clouds. Ocean currents are mild, making it perfect for swimming and exploring. Water sports are best experienced in winter too. Nights are charming and perfect for romantic walks. This is the peak tourist season in Daman, so make sure to book your travel and accommodation in advance to avoid last-minute surge pricing. Take a romantic walk along Jallandhar Beach, Devka Beach, Ghoghla Beach, Nagaon Beach or Jampore Beach. Watch the sunset against the stark waters and have a beach party at night too!

As the fishing season begins at the end of the monsoon, winter is the time you get the most delectable seafood! Indulge your taste buds in a variety of local dishes that hold exotic Portuguese touches too.

Nani Daman and Moti Daman make up the two parts of the city of Daman. While the former shines with antique and tranquil charm, the latter is famed for its restaurants and popular sites. The Fort of St Jerome and the Jain temple at Nani Daman are a must-visit for their astounding architecture and spectacular facades. In Moti Daman, you can pay a visit to the Church of Our Lady of Rosary and marvel at the Gothic, Portuguese art. Satya Nagar Udyan boasts of a gorgeous garden which houses a lake and elaborate fountain displays. Stroll into Gandhi Park and take in the lush grass, or gaze up at the Lighthouse, one of the most famous landmarks of Daman.

Water sports are favourite in winter too. Keep in mind that it is more likely to rain during October and November because of the northeast monsoon, so consult with local authorities before attempting water sports in Daman. Swimming, snorkelling and speed boating are favoured in winter.
Sunset at Daman

Daman in Summer (March - June)

The tropical summer is sweltering at Daman, with temperatures ranging between 27 and 39°C. Humidity is also high because of the proximity to the coast. This means that days are hot and balmy, while the evenings are pleasant. Carry linens and cotton to beat the heat and stay hydrated. It is advisable to sightsee and travel in the mornings and evenings, as the afternoons get humid and stuffy.

March is an ideal off-season month to visit Daman as the breeze from the Arabian Sea in the evenings is delightful and perfect for romantic walks. As the months' pass, it gets hotter and more humid, which keeps most tourists away from the coast. The price of resorts and homestays comes down too, which makes summer an ideal time for tourists on a budget to make the most of Daman. You can enjoy water sports without much hassle too. The beaches, especially Devka and Nagao, look stunning at dawn and dusk. They are not very crowded, which makes them perfect for romantic dates with your loved ones.

Enjoy the wonders of nature in tranquil bliss as you watch the Arabian Sea from the fort of Moti Daman as you take along a picnic basket for a memorable day with your family. You can also take a walk to the Fort of St Jerome and the Chapel of Our Lady Rosary for serene evenings.

Water sports are favourite in summer. Adrenaline junkies are bound to have the time of their lives going swimming, snorkelling, water skiing and wakeboarding in the waters. You can also scuba dive and go speed boating in the ocean. Banana boats and kite flying are popular too! Jampore Beach is the hotspot for watersports, so make sure to give it a visit during your time in Daman. You can enrol in short-term PADI courses or take up pleasure rides too.

If you find Daman too hot for your liking, you can drive to the hill station of Saputara near the city. As you drive past the Sarpagandha River, you can also visit the Gira Falls and revel in the cold waters. Take a detour too Mahal Bardipara Forest Wildlife Sanctuary and spot exotic tropical animals while you’re at it too. At a day’s journey away from Daman, Saputara is an ideal picnic destination for the whole family.
Beach sports at Jampore Beach

Daman in Monsoon (July - September)

The southwest monsoon strikes Daman at the end of June. There is moderate to heavy rain in the season, with August being the wettest month of the year. Visibility is hampered, and the sky is not very clear. Nights are cold and comfortable. Take along raincoats and umbrellas if you plan to sightsee in the monsoon. The monsoon also brings the Nariyal Purnima festival in August, which is celebrated by the locals right on the beach! Be part of this fascinating ritual and indulge in the festivities as you pray to the Sea Gods to bestow the anglers with a good catch. If you’re lucky, some fisherfolk may even agree to take you with them as they embark upon the first expedition of the season!
Golden hue of the daman coast

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