What is the best time to visit Matheran?

The best time to visit Matheran is Summer from March - June. Being a hill station you can visit any time of the year as it has a charming and calm weather that bewitches tourists. Regardless, summers are the best respite from other cities. 

Weather in Matheran


Upcoming Matheran Weather

Monthly Weather in Matheran

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 18 31
February 20 33
March 22 33
April 24 34
May 27 34
June 26 33
July 25 29
August 25 29
September 24 29
October 23 32
November 19 34
December 19 33

Summer (March - June)

Summer sees the maximum number of tourists in Matheran, as it serves as a calming retreat from the harsh summer sun. With temperatures ranging between 22°C and 33°C, there is no doubt that this is a comfy summer haven. Since Matheran is a no-vehicle zone, you can be assured of peace even in the peak tourist season. Summer offers the best visibility regarding viewpoints. Make sure to catch the most exquisite panoramic vistas of the Ghats and the valley at Louisa Point, One Tree Hill Point Porcupine Point, Rambagh Point, Monkey Point and Heart Point. You can spot the Prabal Fort from these points too! There are 28 viewpoints you can visit, and each of them is exquisite in their way. Let the scenes breathe life into you as take in the stunning scenery. The sunrise and sunset at these points are particularly breathtaking. Biking is popular in Matheran in the summer; as the winding, hilly paths take you closer to nature and its bounty. It does not get too hot either, so you can bike for quite some time without breaking a sweat. Nature walks are also in vogue here – try to spot leopards, barking deer, foxes, boars and Malabar Giant squirrels as you embark into the jungle! Lake Charlotte is a charming locale you can lounge by in the evening. Summer is the best time for families to visit Matheran. Both children and adults are in for a treat, as Matheran boasts of a toy train that promises fun for the entire family! Since vehicles are not allowed within Matheran, rickshaws and horses are the primary modes of transport. Learn a new hobby as you go horse riding in this scenic hill station!
A unique festival to watch out for here is the Matheran Mahotsav, a celebration of the hill station and all its wonders. Organised by the local municipal corporation, take part in the festivities and joy as you celebrate the history, culture and diversity of this delightful area. This is not a carnival to be missed!
Matheran in Summer
Matheran in Summer

Monsoon (July - September)

The South-West monsoon brings welcome showers to Matheran between June and September. The hill station receives 150 inches of rainfall a year, which makes it quite tricky to navigate in the monsoon. The rains restore the hills to its natural shade and add life to its seasonal waterfalls, however making it difficult to explore outdoor sights in the hill station, and visibility is quite poor as well. This means that the only views you can get at the viewpoints are of cloudy hilltops. You can still visit Matheran in the monsoon to explore the jungles in their lush and verdant glory, as the air is not very humid. Keep in mind that you will have to explore regions by foot, so take comfortable hiking boots.
Matheran Waterfall
Matheran Waterfall

Winter (October - February)

Winter brings lowered mercury levels in Matheran, with temperatures dropping as low as 8°C. Matheran is a sight to behold in winter, with its misty hills and cool breeze. The overall weather in Matheran, equipped with warm days and chilly nights, is quite enjoyable which attracts the maximum number of tourists in this season. This is also the perfect season for adventurers.
October and January are the best off-season months to visit Matheran, as there are not many tourists here. Hotels and restaurants are cheaper during this time. This is the best time to spot the diverse monkey population of Matheran – from bonnet macaques to Hanuman Langurs. Stroll around the town and watch the stunning Persian buildings that dot the lanes, and wonder at the particular roads made of earthy laterite. Trekking in winter is popular because the many rivulets, waterfalls and cascades are all replenished by the monsoon. This makes hiking and trekking a delight, as you explore and stumble upon new waterfalls and gushing streams. Trek to Monkey Point and look down at deep gorges, listening to your breath echo. Winter is the perfect time for adventure enthusiasts to explore Matheran and its many exciting expeditions. Carry warm clothing and snuggle next to your significant other as you toast marshmallows by a campfire and watch the stars spread across the winter sky. Matheran stuns and woos you with its spectacular views and perfect weather. Explore nature in all its tranquil glory at this beautiful hill station!
Mist in Matheran
Mist in Matheran

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