What is the best time to visit Nashik?

Known for its religious and historical importance, Nashik is best visited between October and February when the city experiences the winter season. In general, the town has extreme weather conditions. So the summers are really hot, and winters are chilly. The summer temperature can touch or go beyond 39°C whereas a drastic drop in the mercury level is seen during the peak winters; going as low as 5°C. Thus, winters are best if one wishes to explore the cityscape uninterruptedly. Between July and September, the land of the Indian Wine receives the right amount of rainfall that transforms the city as the greenery flourishes, making it a treat to visit, especially for monsoon lovers and offbeat travellers.

Weather in Nashik


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Monthly Weather in Nashik

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 29°/ 13° 0 days
February 32°/ 15° 0 days
March 33°/ 16° 0 days
April 37°/ 20° 0 days
May 37°/ 21° 0 days
June 32°/ 23° 11 days
July 26°/ 22° 25 days
August 26°/ 21° 18 days
September 26°/ 21° 29 days
October 28°/ 20° 20 days
November 30°/ 18° 2 days
December 29°/ 17° 0 days

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Nashik in Winter (October - March)

Winter season is an ideal time to visit Nasik. It begins in November and goes on till February every year. Even the transitional month of October is an excellent time to visit the city as the climate is pleasant and the ambience is lovely. The temperatures hover between 32°C and 12°C, making the environment perfect to explore the cityscape and attractions in the suburbs. This time of the year is usually considered as tourist season, so the rates are a little on the higher side, and tourism steadily picks up as the season progresses. Some essential festivals are also celebrated during the winters here. November brings Diwali, the festival of lights and Makar Sankranti, the day the sun transits into Makara, is celebrated in January. Most people who visit offers prayers and complete rituals at the temples. For those with an inclination towards witnessing the culture and these celebrations may plan a visit accordingly.
Ramshej Fort Nashik
Ramshej Fort Nashik

The winter season is thus the best time to visit religious attractions in the city like Tribakeshwar, Panchavati, Saptashrungi, the Sita Gufa, Pandavleni, Kapileshwar Temple etc. One can also explore the attractions in the outskirts of the town without worrying about the rains — the Anjaneri Hills, Deolali Camp, Mulher, Salher, some famous waterfalls etc. Certain attractions are also quite renowned for treks, for example, the Mulher, Salher and the Dhodap Trek. So even the adventure junkie or the nature lover will have something to look forward to when visiting Nashik around this time of the year.

Nashik in Monsoon (July - September)

July marks the onset of monsoons after a sweltering hot summer season. It goes on till September, the peak monsoon month along with August. The city receives moderate rainfall (annual average of around 200 mm) that gets the mercury level down and covers the cityscape with frequent patches of greenery. Considered off-season, monsoons can be a good option for budget and offbeat travellers. The overcast skies accompanied with cool breeze create a pleasant vibe and draw monsoon lovers to the city. The rains can play spoilsport when it comes to sightseeing, but the considerable drop in the hotel tariffs can put a smile on one’s face if they are prepared for the season.
Ram Ghat Nashik
Ram Ghat Nashik

The most visitors are seen during the Kumbh Mela which is organised once every three years. Trimbakeshwar is packed with devotees in August, and one can see thousands of saints visiting as part of their religious practice. The Godavari gushes with gallons of water during the season, but nothing stops the devotees from taking a holy dip before performing the sacred rituals. This time of the year is perfect for those wanting to get a sneak peek into the rich ancient Hindu culture and its rituals. One needs to book their accommodation well in advance if they plan to visit during the festive season.

Nashik in Summer (April - June)

Nasik is one of the cities that experience temperatures hitting an extreme and unbearable level during the summer season. It begins in April, lasts till June and is the least advisable time for a trip to Nasik. The days are scorching hot with the temperatures going as high as 39°C. It can also hit 40°C during the peak season. Exploring the cityscape or going sightseeing is an exhausting task during the day and, therefore, summers are not recommended to tourists. Some major festivals are celebrated on a large scale in Nashik, and one may choose to witness them in all their grandeur if they are ready to take the heat. Ramnavami followed by Rath Yatra is one among them that is celebrated in March/ April. From March to April (sometimes till mid-April), the season is transitioning from winters to summers. The temperature remains moderate during this time allowing devotees to visit Nashik to witness the celebrations and processions.

Events in Nashik

Sula Fest

2nd - 3rd February 2019

With music performances going on till late in the night, the Gourmet World Music Festival, famously known as Sula Fest is a music lover's paradise. Hosted at the Sula Vineyards, Sula Fest is one of th (Read More)e largest music fests in India. The fest includes some of the top artists performing and a lot of wine. In its next edition which will be held on 2nd - 3rd February 2019 has got performances from Kefaya, Rodney Branigan, Young The Giant and Nucleya all lined up for you. So hurry up and buy your tickets as it tends to get sold out very quickly. For the ultimate fest experience, make sure to stay in one of the tent accommodation.

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