What is the best time to visit Vikramgad?

Located in the proximity of Mumbai and the coastal area, Vikramgad has strikingly similar weather conditions to that of Mumbai and Pune. The place is associated with hot and humid summers, and the monsoon is accompanied with erratic shower spells and often experiences torrential rains as well. Winters is the best season for the tourist to explore Vikramgad because of the pleasant atmospheric state during that time of the year.

Weather in Vikramgad


Upcoming Vikramgad Weather

Monthly Weather in Vikramgad

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 32°/ 15° 0 days
February 36°/ 18° 0 days
March 36°/ 18° 0 days
April 39°/ 21° 1 days
May 38°/ 24° 0 days
June 34°/ 25° 16 days
July 28°/ 24° 30 days
August 28°/ 24° 29 days
September 28°/ 23° 29 days
October 33°/ 23° 20 days
November 34°/ 22° 3 days
December 33°/ 20° 0 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Vikramgad

Vikramgad in Monsoon (June - August)

The monsoon months in Vikramgad experience torrential rainfall, thus making the place unsafe for one to plan a trip. The humidity is high, and the rains are untimely, thus rendering all the major plans futile to explore the place. Also, many adventure sports like rock climbing are closed during this time to avoid accidents, thus making you miss out on one more thing while you're in Vikramgad. You should avoid visiting the place during monsoon, but overall, late monsoon can be preferred to visit Vikramgad. Plan your travel just after the monsoon ends, to enjoy the beauty of the place after the spell of rains.

Vikramgad in Winter (October - February)

Winters is the preferable season to plan a trip down to Vikramgad. The weather range is comfortable, with temperature ranging between 15 to 25 degrees Celcius. After the monsoon, the area is beautiful with the spell of greenery and the variety of flora and fauna which has received its life from the rain. Also, the relative humidity is lesser, thus helping the tourists to explore the area comfortably even during the days.

Vikramgad in Summer (March - May)

The summers in Vikramgad is majorly characterised as hot and humid, with the temperature ranging from 25 degrees to 40 degrees Celcius overall. The place is uncomfortably hot during the summer months, and thus this time of the year is least preferred by the tourists for exploring the city of Vikramgad. The humidity is high since it is a coastal area, and the all over climatic condition prevalent during the given months forbid the tourists from enjoying.

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