What is the best time to visit Saputara?

Located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level, Saputara experiences a calm and pleasant climate throughout the year. The average maximum and minimum temperatures recorded are 30°C and 10°C respectively; however, the hill station does not fail to brighten tourist experience with its charm almost every season.

Weather in Saputara


Upcoming Saputara Weather

Monthly Weather in Saputara

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 26°/ 13° 0 days
February 30°/ 16° 0 days
March 30°/ 16° 1 days
April 35°/ 19° 1 days
May 35°/ 19° 0 days
June 31°/ 21° 9 days
July 24°/ 20° 31 days
August 23°/ 19° 26 days
September 24°/ 19° 30 days
October 26°/ 19° 21 days
November 28°/ 18° 4 days
December 27°/ 16° 0 days

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Saputara in Winter (October - February)

Winter season begins in October and goes on till February. Though the winter temperature in Satpura can drop as low as 8°C, overall, the weather remains quite enjoyable. The maximum the temperature can hit it 28°C. It, therefore, attracts a maximum number of tourists in this season; especially between December and January for the Paragliding Festival which is a 26-day festival held every year. Saputara is thus also called India’s famous paragliding destination. Tourists can also try their hand at biking, parasailing, go-carting and zorbing.

Sapatura View from Table Top
Sapatura View from Table Top

Saputara in Monsoon (July - September)

Satpura experiences monsoons between June and September. The hill station receives high rainfall in the months of July-August while the rest of the months see moderate or low rain. The climate remains slightly humid, and the temperature ranges between 19°C and 27°C, making it a good time for sightseeing, especially for monsoon lovers. The terrain, the viewpoints and the Gira Waterfall are most visited by tourists during the season to witness and capture the picturesque beauty of the location. It is advisable to carry rain gear as it could rain more than expected. The Saputara Monsoon Festival can be witnessed during the season where one can enjoy some cultural and entertainment programs.
Beauty of Gujarat Hills during Monsoon
Beauty of Gujarat Hills during Monsoon

Saputara in Summer (March - June)

The summer season in Saputara begins in March and lasts till June. The region experiences moderate temperatures in summer with the maximum reaching around 32°C and the minimum around 26°C. The peak afternoons might get unbearable for some, but otherwise, Satpura is a favourable destination for summer holidays. One can explore the Saputara Lake, the Sunset Point, the Tribal Museum, the Rose Garden etc. which are undoubtedly perfect attractions to visit for the families out on their summer vacations.
A View from Sunset point Sapatura Hill
A View from Sunset point Sapatura Hill

Events in Saputara

Sightseeing at Gira Falls

June - November

To fully enjoy this breathtaking waterfall, come here during monsoons as the water gushes during this time. The green surroundings combined with the roar of the falls makes for an unforgettable experi (Read More)ence.

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Saputara, Gujarat
Satpura lake
Satpura lake
Satpura lake

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