What is the best time to visit Bhandardara?

Although suitable for a visit any time of the year, Bhandara unveils its spellbinding charm in the monsoon months of June till September when the climate is cool and breezy as opposed to the summer when it's quite hot and humid. Temperatures range between 20 degrees C to 30 degrees C. Hence, the months between June and March tend to be an ideal time to visit Bhandardara. The downpours during these months create breathtaking sights for one to explore.

Weather in Bhandardara


Upcoming Bhandardara Weather

Monthly Weather in Bhandardara

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 28°/ 15° 0 days
February 31°/ 17° 0 days
March 32°/ 17° 2 days
April 36°/ 21° 3 days
May 36°/ 20° 0 days
June 31°/ 22° 15 days
July 24°/ 21° 31 days
August 24°/ 20° 30 days
September 25°/ 21° 28 days
October 28°/ 20° 22 days
November 30°/ 19° 1 days
December 28°/ 18° 1 days

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Bhandardara in Winter (October - February)

Beginning from October - February, the winter season is the most advisable time for a visit to Bhandardara. The temperatures here fall to nearly 10 degrees C. This cosy weather woos tourists from nearby cities (Mumbai and Pune) for spending a day or two amidst lush greenery and peaceful surroundings. The cold winter breeze adds on to the enchantment of the place. The days become shorter in winter, so you might not get an ample amount of sunlight to explore the place thoroughly in one day. This is also the time when migratory birds cross this place, making a spectacular sight for bird watchers. Carry light woollen clothes to keep yourself warm.
Visit Bhandardara for its scenic beauty. Lush green hills against a background of dazzling lake and a clear blue sky make for the perfect sight, with the waterfalls adding to its charm.
Bhandardara Dam
Bhandardara Dam

Bhandardara in Monsoon (July - September)

Beginning from the month of June and ending in September, the monsoon season in Bhandardara is heavenly. The natural beauty of Bhandardara enriches in monsoon. The temperatures are perfect, ranging from 20 degrees C to 30 degrees C. This is the best time to visit the place as you need not worry about the scorching sun, and there's still plenty of sunlight to roam about in. You could plan a picnic near lake Bhandardara, visit the famous Wilson Dam which is at its best in monsoon, and Radha waterfalls to witness water gushing down a hilltop – a sight you wouldn't want to miss.
Bhandardara Lake
Bhandardara Lake

Bhandardara in Summer (March - June)

Summers are not much appealing in Bhandardara. The temperatures go up to 35 degrees C. Although nights are cooler, the hot and sticky afternoons make it too uncomfortable to head out and enjoy the pure and pristine beauty of the hill. Summers start from March and continue till May, after which light showers help cool down the place. Summer is considered an offseason. So this is the perfect time for the bargain hunters and backpackers travelling on a tight budget. This is also the best time to plan a trek and camp with your squad. Mount Kalsubai, the highest peak in Maharashtra is a challenging trekking option if you are up for it.
Sunrise at Shendi Bhandardara
Sunrise at Shendi Bhandardara

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