What is the best time to visit Manori?

Manori is a great destination to travel to all year round, October to March being the best time, as the climate will be comfortable with low humidity levels. Summers in Mumbai are prey to the terrible humidity levels, making it uncomfortable to travel even short distances. But since Manori is a shaded, beautiful beach, it becomes even more irresistible during the summers, where a dip can cool you off. The best time, however would be any time other than summer, where you can lie on the sand without the fear of getting sun burnt.

Weather in Manori


Upcoming Manori Weather

Monthly Weather in Manori

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 21 31
February 22 33
March 24 33
April 26 34
May 28 34
June 27 33
July 26 29
August 26 29
September 25 29
October 25 32
November 22 34
December 22 33

Manori in Winter (October-March)

The weather is extremely pleasant and cool. One can enjoy at the beach and relax their nerves.

Manori in Monsoon (July-September)

Monsoons are extremely humid. The weather is sticky and unpleasant, making the visit uncomfortable.

Manori in Summer (April-June)

Summers are very hot and humid. However, a cool dip in the beach water can calm one's nerves. Sun burns are inevitable. So, it is not the time to visit Manori.

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