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Ideal duration: 1-2 days

Best time: Throughout the year (Read More)

Nearest Airport: Mumbai (Check Flights)

State rank: 3 out of 50 Places To Visit In Maharashtra

"Cutest little hill-station of India"

Matheran Tourism

With close to 40 look-out points offering great sunrise and sunset views in the smallest hill station in India with, Matheran offers sceneries that can refresh one to the very core.

Located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, this beautiful hill station is untouched by the busy city life surrounding it. It has pleasant weather throughout the year, though this place is most beautiful during the monsoon season and is also just 54 km and two hours away from Mumbai. Matheran has been declared as an Eco sensitive region by the government and automobiles are not allowed inside the town. It is therefore a very tranquil place with no buzzing of cars and other modes of transport. The best thing to do here is enjoy your stay with the most picturesque view of the place and rest your eyes & soul. One can also find a great variety of medicinal herbs & plants. There are about 28 points, 2 lakes, 2 parks & 4 major worship places in Matheran.

Top Things To Do In Matheran

Matheran Tour Packages

Memories Of Matheran | 2 Days 1 Nights

1 Night

Staring from Rs. 2,000

Lovely Matheran | 3 Days 2 Nights

2 Nights

Staring from Rs. 4,100

What's Great?

Extremely beautiful and lush green. Vehicle-free zone. Clean, no pollution.

What's not so Great?

Getting around the hill station involves a lot of walking.

For Whom

Matheran is a huge attraction for trekkers and photographers who wish to explore nature. The city is a popular weekend getaway for people from Pune and Mumbai who wish to relax in a calm environment.

Hotels in Matheran

Hotels, cotteges, resorts. The prices are too high during peak season so be ready to shell out a huge amount.

Top Hotels in Matheran

Cecil Hotel

Staring from INR 4,000

Hotel Girivihar

Staring from INR 4,069

India's smallest hill station

Situated in the Western Ghats, at an elevation of 800 m above sea level, Matheran is India's smallest hill station. A vehicle free zone, this pristine hill station is popularly called 'forest on a head' due to the rich flora and fauna of the place. The hill station is a natural health resort and is rejuvenating for tourists. Apart from being a perfect escape close to nature, Matheran is popular for the several adventure activities you can indulge in. A favourite for trekkers, the actual magic of the place is experienced while exploring the region on foot and getting lost in the beauty of the serene town.

History of Matheran

?Phul Rani? is a small 2 feet gauge line toy train service connecting Neral to Matheran. It is an astounding experience, meandering tourists up the hill, treating them with an amazing scenic beauty of greenery and hill-top view. This small ride of around half an hour is enjoyed by kids and adults alike. There is no advance booking to be made for seats. Booking takes place at Aman Lodge at Dasturi Park, 45 minutes in advance. 7 trains run in a day within a gap of 1-1.30 hours, starting at 9.30 AM. The last train from Aman Lodge is at 3.30 PM. 1st class tickets cost INR 300 per head for adults and INR 180 per head for children. 2nd class tickets cost INR 45 per head for an adult and INR 30 per head for children.

Trekking in Matheran

Trekking to Matheran takes place via Garbett Plateau to reach Garbett Point, starting from Bhivpuri station. The climb up to Garbett Point is easy. However, the route is a bit long.The difficulty level is otherwise easy, barring the sun and heat which can drain you off energy. During the monsoon season, it is necessary to keep an eye on snakes that might come your way during your journey through the forests. This trekking experience is perfect for adventure and nature lovers alike. The scenic and breathtaking beauty of Mathern is the most desirable outcome of this trek. The best time to embark on this journey is during May - October when the weather is cool and pleasant.


Day 1- Start your day early with a walk around Charlotte Lake. Visit the Pisarnath Temple. Enjoy the natural beauty from the numerous lookout points in the city.
Day 2- Enjoy sunrise from Panorama Point. Indulge in adventure sports like paragliding and Valley Crossing, a unique activity in Matheran.

Matheran is a tiny surprise given the variety it offers. Indulge in Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Chinese, Moghlai and Punjabi cuisines across the many restaurants of the town. The standout items than one must try, while here, include the staple Vada Paav , an authentic and rich range of kebabs, as well as some Chikki , a popular sweet in the area. Also sip into some refreshing Kokum Sharbat . Liquor is also available but only in certain restaurants.

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Reviews for Matheran

Its really awesome place but there are so many beautiful places near Pune. One of them is Morachi chincholi.Morachi chincholi is best weekend getaway near pune,which provide authentic rural life experience to Urbanized Population. Morachi Chincholi is alluring places entrenched in rural Maharashtra yet quite close for a one day trip from Pune. A visit to morachi Chincholi promises to offer a refreshing, energizing and completely revitalizing getaway from hectic daily schedule of city life. There are enormous activities carried out at Morachi Chincholi that includes bullock cart rides, tractor rides, hurda parties, children park, rural games, bird watching, kandil nights, nursery, outdoor games, camping and tent facilities.It is best agrotourism spot near Pune for one-day picnic.


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- Proper pair of shoes to walk around the region and for the horse ride.


It's a very beautiful and scenic place a must visit... Best part is it's away from hustle and bustle of city, free from pollution and corporate pollution...its essentially run by locals and hence it's flavour is preserved. Hope it will be like this for ages to come so that its beauty remain untouched.


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Questions about Matheran

By Rohit Shroff

I'm planning a trip to Matheran next week. What kind of woollens do you suggest that I carry?

It shouldn't be that cold . carry a warmer and make sure you pack light as there is a lot of walking to be done.

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