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Vikramgad Tourism

Vikramgad, situated about 80km from Mumbai is a small village on the Manor - Jwahar road in the Thane District of Maharashtra. It is a nature escapade and blessed with lush vegetation and ample flora and fauna.

It is famous for its warli paintings that finds its origins here as well as Tarpa a dance form which is performed here at various occasions It is one of the quick getaway places near Mumbai.

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More on Vikramgad

The Mesmerizing Village

Originally being a small village in the Thane district, Vikramgad has managed to earn an identity of its own. Away from the hustle bustle of the city, Vikramgad is a beautiful natural escapade for someone looking forward to a travel adventure. With the place blooming with life and greenery after the monsoon, the place is a much-preferred spot by all the adventure and nature enthusiasts. Ideal for picnics and trekking, Vikramgad is a much needed weekend getaway and is thus one of the people's favourite.

The tourism in the area has increased tremendously in the last few years, because of people's awareness about the city and upcoming mode of transportation. With dense forests bordering the city and plenty of Chickoo and Mango plantations in the territory, it leaves its visitors mesmerised with the beauty it offers to people visiting the place. Various other nature-oriented adventure activities, like Kayaking, Barbeque, Rappelling, Mountain Biking, Wall Climbing, Fishing and Nature walks and treks, attracts a large number of tourists down to Vikramgad, thus making Vikramgad such a look forward destinations amongst the tourists.

Restaurants and Local Food in Vikramgad

The local cuisine here is dominated by Maharashtrian food with a blend of South and North Indian cuisines. This place is known for it's spicy food of curries and fries.
Misal - a spicy gravy of potatoes, peas and other sprouts, makes for a mouth-watering meal.
Vada Pav is the on the go fast food famous here.

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One Day Itinerary

Day 1: Start early morning with a fresh mind to enjoy the trekking from the Vikramgad-Bhupatgad route. People not interested in trekking can also look forward to Mountain Biking or long nature trails in the adjacent forests. Also, enjoy Kakaying once in your day and then camp in the outskirts if with a group of people.

Day 2: Utilise the day 2 to explore Vikramgad further. Visit the famous Pilucha Dhabdhaba Waterfalls and The Jai Vilas Palace, the two most places most looked forward by the tourists. Explore the market by the end of your second day to shop for some souvenirs peculiar to the village.

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Holidify's Opinion

What's Great?

With Mumbai being a nearby cities, the town has a number of transportation options from tourists all around the world, thus helping tourists reach Vikramgad without much hassle. Also, the quaint nature of the village acts as an alluring factor to many tourists looking for an escapade in the proximity of the sea.

What's Not So Great?

The place cannot be visited all throughout the year. The temperature is high during the summer time, along with high humidity and torrential rains in the monsoon further limits the tourism in the area, thus limiting the time one can pay a visit to Vikramgad.

For Whom?

For nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers, Vikramgad might be your perfect getaway. A weekend trip to Vikramgad will be an ideal visit. The place is much chased by young people in groups, but can overall be visited by everyone having an eye for nature.

How To Reach Vikramgad

Located in the state of Maharashtra, Vikramgad is overall well-connected with all the major parts of the country. The capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai, is just at a distance of about 110 km from Vikramgad, which often acts as a connecting node between Vikramgad and several other important cities in and outside the country.The road and rail network is well built, and unlike most of the tourist destinations in India, Vikramgad is also accessible by waterways through Mumbai. The convenience of the modes of transportation helps the tourist to plan their trip better and to travel down to Vikramgad hassle-free.

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Rohit Shroff 1 year ago
- Carry extra food and water supplies with you, facilities are not present at proper intervals.
- In case of planning to stay back, make sure you enquire about the availability of hotel rooms beforehand.
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