Beaches in Daman That You Should Visit On Your Next Trip

Beaches In Daman

Situated at the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra, the beaches of Daman form the perfect tranquil coastal paradise for inhabitants of the nearby regions. This seaside territory offers a wide variety (Read More)of beaches, be it the serene Jampore beach or the unspoilt beauty of Devka Beach.

Here is the list of 6 Beaches in Daman That You Should Visit On Your Next Trip

1. Jampore Beach

Jampore Beach
3.7 /5

Jampore beach is one major attraction of Daman. It is situated remotely 5 kilometers away from the Moti Daman Jetty. This beach in Daman is famous for its blackish mud-coloured water. It is soothing just to have a look at the sea and is a perfect place for the ones seeking some peace and solitude. The beach is away from the hustle of the city and is, therefore, a great place to relax. The beach is covered with trees all over which makes the place breezy and gives it an ecstatic look.

2. Devka Beach

Devka Beach
3.5 /5

Devka beach is a sight of pure beauty. Like so many other beaches of Daman, this too is a massive, picturesque and quite unspoilt. The place has clean blue waters, well-maintained shores and enough beauty for everybody. Also, there is a special Amusement Park here which houses huge fountains and play area for kids.

3. Gomatimala Beach

Gomatimala Beach

The Gomatimala Beach is a horse-shoe shaped beach located 27 kilometres from Daman. Since the beach is not well known, it makes for the perfect hidden beach near Daman for an escape. The beach is lined with coconut trees and offers spectacular sunrises and sunsets. The Gomatimala Beach in Daman is a great getaway spot for both friends and family.

4. Moti Daman Beach

Moti Daman Beach

Surrounded by the magnificent Moti Daman Fort and loved as one of the quietest beaches in Daman, the way to the Moti Daman beach is still under construction. The beach is very peaceful and beautiful, and hence, it is a perfect place in Daman to get away from the hustle-bustle. Visiting this beach during the sunset would be the best way to enjoy its beauty and exquisiteness.

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5. Fisherman’s Beach

Fisherman’s Beach

Popularly known as the Vanakbara beach, Fisherman's beach is famous for the sea-faring fishing boats. Among all other beaches in Daman, Vanakbara beach is generally crowded with multiple fishing boats anchored to the seashore. The neighbouring Vanakbara fish market is also a favourite among fish lovers for its extensive options in various kinds of fishes.

6. Tithal Beach

Tithal Beach
3.6 /5

One of the most popular attractions of South Gujarat, Tithal Beach is the go-to destination for many when in need of a revitalising break. Breaking the flow of the white washed waves, the Tithal beach in Daman glimmers like a gold necklace that decorates the azure neck of the Arabian Sea. Located about one hour away from Daman in South Gujarat, the beach is flocked by local tourists who come here to lounge languorously in the sun, stare at the sunsets, take a stroll down the coast in the gentle breeze and enjoy some coconut water and roasted corn.

The beaches in Daman are the perfect getaway from Gujarat for the weekend. They are untouched natural beaches with miles and miles of shorelines. Grab a chilled beer and enjoy some seafood on the beaches of Daman.

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