What is the best time to visit Silvassa?

Silvassa is famously known for safaris and water sports along with the tourist attractions that include gardens, lakes and churches. Therefore, the best time to visit Silvassa is when the sky is clear and the temperature is moderate or pleasantly cool. Needless to say, Winters from October to March are perfect to explore the city. Monsoons and summers can be avoided by tourists owing to the amount of rainfall and the extreme temperature Silvassa experiences. Monsoons do transform the cityscape into a scenic beauty making it a treat to the eyes and attract many a monsoon lover but as the season peaks up, outdoor activities become completely inconvenient. Summers, on the other hand, see the mercury level cross a sweltering 42°C. Exploring the attractions during this season is not at all recommended.

Weather in Silvassa


Upcoming Silvassa Weather

Monthly Weather in Silvassa

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 30°/ 15° 0 days
February 34°/ 17° 0 days
March 34°/ 18° 0 days
April 38°/ 22° 0 days
May 36°/ 25° 0 days
June 33°/ 26° 10 days
July 29°/ 24° 29 days
August 28°/ 24° 25 days
September 29°/ 24° 29 days
October 33°/ 23° 16 days
November 34°/ 21° 4 days
December 32°/ 19° 1 days

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Silvassa in Winter (October - February)

After the monsoons, Silvassa once again becomes a much sought after tourist attraction in the winter season which begins in October and lasts till February. Some receding monsoon showers are also witnessed in October when one can experience a beautiful transition Silvassa undergoes between these two seasons. November onwards, the temperature drops even further. December and January are the peak winter months when the temperature ranges between a maximum of 29°C and a minimum of 17°C. Therefore, the days are cold in the mornings and evenings, while the afternoons are somewhat warm and balmy.

This time of the year is thus perfect for outdoor activities. Visiting attractions like the Tribal Museum, Tapovan Tourist Complex, Dudhni Lake, Hirwa Van Garden, Island Garden, Khanvel, Lion Safari Wildlife Park and the Vanganga Lake is recommended. The clear and comfortable climate makes exploring all of them a delightful experience. Water sports like boating, jet skiing, kayaking, canoeing etc. are also quite famous in Silvassa. The lakes, brimming with water from the rains that have just faded away, create an excellent environment for water sports. Since tourism is at its peak during winters, the markets are seen bustling with activities and crowded with tourists wanting to shop local items like handicraft, apparel, paintings and other souvenirs. This time of year also has some important festivals that are celebrated with great enthusiasm. Diwali, Christmas and New Years are some of them. The famous Tarpa Dance Festival is also held in Silvassa in December. This festival is the best place to get introduced to the rich folk art forms of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. With a plethora of activities, the winter season, undoubtedly, is the best time to visit Silvassa.
Tarpa Dance Festival
Tarpa Dance Festival

Silvassa in Monsoon (July - September)

The hot and humid climate of Silvassa results in moderate to heavy monsoons each year. The season begins in July and lasts till September. With an average annual rainfall of around 250 cm, one can understand that the monsoon season is not indeed a season for usual tourists. Although the showers transform the region into a picturesque location, Silvassa witnesses heavy downpours and torrential rains too. This halts tourism to a great extent. Price drops in tariffs and travel related expenses may attract the off-beat traveller or the monsoon lover, but it is much advised that the season is avoided. Or at least the peak months of the season be avoided. If visiting at the onset of monsoons, the weather forecast and raingear are one’s best friends. The rains around this time of the season are light to moderate, but there is no guarantee that tourists will get to explore the various attractions in Silvassa.
Dadra and Nagar Haveli Silvassa
Dadra and Nagar Haveli Silvassa

Silvassa in Summer (March - June)

Owing to its geographical location, Silvassa experiences hot and humid climate almost throughout the year. The temperature during summers, therefore, can go to unbearable levels and even touch 42°C. The season begins in March and goes on till June every year. The mornings are warm and quickly turn scorching hot as the day progresses. This makes exploring Silvassa an exhausting task during the day. The months of May and June are the hottest months of the season; hence tourists must entirely avoid visiting during this time. If one still wishes to, they may choose to visit at the beginning of the season, i.e. in March. The temperature is a little bearable. The peak hours may not be as comfortable but mornings and evenings can be a decent time to step out and explore some attractions.
Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Silvassa
Dadra and Nagar Haveli, Silvassa

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Activities: Trekking And Boating

November - June

A former Portuguese colony, Silvassa is a land of abundance, from waterfalls to mountains and wildlife sanctuaries to beaches. Several options are available for visitors from trekking, and nature walk (Read More)s to kayaking and boating.

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