What is the best time to visit Hassan?

Hassan is a different sight to behold in each season. The best time to visit Hassan is winters. The temperature gets exponentially high during the summer season. Monsoon is also considered a good time to visit Hassan. Heavy showers bring the much-needed coolness in the atmosphere. However, it is also affected by the problem of humidity. Winters bring coldness in the ambience of Hassan, and it becomes pleasurable to enjoy the outdoors.

Weather in Hassan


Upcoming Hassan Weather

Monthly Weather in Hassan

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 19 30
February 20 32
March 23 33
April 25 35
May 24 33
June 23 29
July 22 28
August 23 29
September 22 29
October 22 31
November 20 31
December 19 30

Hassan in Winter (November-February)

Winter season is the best time to visit Hassan and explore it in all its glory. It starts in the month of November and lasts until February. The temperature can fall to 15 degrees Celsius. The season is perfect for outdoor activities in Hassan.

Hassan in Monsoon (June-September)

Monsoon season starts in June and can stretch up to September here. The temperature revolves around 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. Rainy season brings a heavenly view to Hassan due to its frequent showers and fog-induced mornings. Trees and plants get rejuvenated during the monsoon season. The ambience gets alive with a newly found energy. It is a good time to visit Hassan. Humidity is a common problem in Hassan during monsoon season.

Hassan in Summer (March-May)

It is not comfortable to visit Hassan during the summer season. During the summers, the temperature can revolve around 35 degrees Celsius, and the surroundings get humid. Summers start in March and last until May here. The weather becomes hot, and sightseeing gets difficult in scorching heat.

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