What is the best time to visit Horanadu?

Horanadu has pleasant weather throughout the year. The beautiful land of Horanadu has something great to offer in each season. The summers present an excellent time for spiritual retreat, as you can visit the temples. The monsoon season is breathtaking, as the frequent showers revive the trees, plants and flowers. It makes the atmosphere fresh, and the surroundings awaken to new life. The season of winter is apt for those people who want to explore Horanadu in cold weather, which is mostly prefered by tourists. Hence the best time to visit Horanadu is from October to February.

Weather in Horanadu


Upcoming Horanadu Weather

Monthly Weather in Horanadu

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 31°/ 17° 1 days
February 33°/ 18° 2 days
March 33°/ 19° 7 days
April 33°/ 20° 18 days
May 32°/ 21° 25 days
June 26°/ 21° 25 days
July 23°/ 19° 31 days
August 23°/ 19° 31 days
September 25°/ 19° 29 days
October 27°/ 19° 30 days
November 29°/ 19° 17 days
December 29°/ 18° 6 days

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Horanadu in Winter (October - February)

Winter is the best time to explore Horanadu in all its glory, as the monsoon replenishes the land with fresh vegetation. With temperatures dropping between 18°C and 22°C, Horanadu is perfect for sightseeing and adventure sports in the winter. This is the primary tourist season which sees hotels booked to full capacity, so book your travel and accommodation in advance to avoid last-minute surge pricing.

Winter brings festive times to Horanadu as there are many celebrations and events held during this time. Navratri is a nine-night festival commemorating the victory of the Goddess Kali over demons, and the event brings together thousands of people who pray to the Goddess Annapoorneshwari at Horanadu. The entire temple is decked in excellent glory and colourful flowers. Idols of Hindu Goddesses are decorated with jewellery and finery for nine days, and the whole town comes alive with joy and festivities. Lip-smacking delicacies are served to devotees – make sure to try the varieties of lentils and spices! The Annapurneshwari temple is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess of food and health. True to the presiding deity, delectable dishes are given as Prasad or divine offerings to the pilgrims throughout the year. In the festive winter months, devotees are treated to a range of South Indian cuisine that is sure to leave a lingering flavour in your palette.

The Hindu festival of lights - Diwali is celebrated with pomp and joy in November. The entire town comes alive with lamps, fireworks and merriment. Make sure to watch the community firework show at Horanadu, to get an authentic experience of local culture. Folk performances are held at night, and dramatic retellings of the lore of Diwali are sure to enchant you. The three-course Diwali special meal is a must-try!

December is the best time for both families and couples on a honeymoon to visit Horanadu. The myriad of festivals and events is ideal for families, while the romantic weather is perfect for couples. The mountains look magical and mystical in the winter fog, and the plantations are truly ethereal. Take a leisurely walk by the acres of estates and plantations, and enjoy the stunning beauty of nature. Remember to pack light wools to keep the cold at bay at night. You can also opt to hike up the Ghats to visit the Jog Falls at Chikmagalur or the many cascades that dot the course of the Bhadra River. Beginners are advised to attempt hiking under the supervision of guides.

Horanadu in Monsoon (July - September)

Karnataka experiences monsoon in two series – the southwest monsoon from June to September and the northeast monsoon from October to December. Horanadu gets the most rain during the southwestern monsoon. With an average temperature of 25°C, the area is delightfully refreshing and breezy. Although the afternoons get balmy and humid, monsoon evenings are refreshing and chill. Plan your sightseeing in the early morning and evening, and take along umbrellas as well.

The Bhadra River looks spectacular in the monsoon, with the water gushing through the smooth pebbles and fresh soil. You can go white water rafting and kayaking in the Bhadra River, but make sure to consult with local authorities before embarking on water sports. It is advisable to swim in the river after the majority of the monsoon has passed – you can safely boat in the water by September.

The plantations look heavenly in the monsoon, as the rains lend a new life to the area. Horanadu looks breathtakingly beautiful as it is bathed in the fresh showers, and the views are picture-perfect. This is the best time to hear the mating calls of tropical birds. Wildlife photographers are bound to have the time of their lives as it is easy to spot elephants, monkeys and exotic birds in Horanadu in the monsoon. Keep in mind that the hills are prone to landslides in the monsoon, so keep a check on weather forecast before planning your visit to Horanadu.
Horanadu, India
Horanadu, India

Horanadu in Summer (March - June)

Summer in the Indian tropics is unrelenting and scorching, but Horanadu is much pleasant when compared to its neighbours. With temperatures ranging between 25°C and 30°C, Horanadu is perfect for a summer visit as it boasts of pleasant weather even in the hottest months. Humidity isn’t that high either, and the evenings are comfortable. The afternoons may get stifling, so it is advisable to wear cotton and linens during your visit to Horanadu. Take along water to stay hydrated and fresh.

Summer is the best off-season time to visit Horanadu as you can explore the area at your own pace. Accommodation and local transport are cheaper at this time, so feel free to rent out a motorbike or car to discover the mountains nearby. Stroll through the tea and coffee plantations, and explore the rubber and spice estates as you take in nature’s beauty. Spot cashews and almonds on tall trees and pick the freshest produce. Horanadu is famous for its plantations, so make sure to buy some organic spices to add a twist to your dishes! These make for beautiful souvenirs too.

The Annapoorneshwari temple is the most popular attraction at Horanadu. The golden idol of the Hindu Goddess of Food is believed to have remarkable powers. The characteristic architecture of the temple draws thousands of tourists and pilgrims to this sacred shrine. You can also visit memorials at Dharmasthala, Udupi and Sringeri nearby.
Horanadu - Sringeri
Horanadu - Sringeri

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