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"The Holy Abode of Devi Annapoorna"

Horanadu Tourism

Known for the revered Annapoorneeshwari Temple, Horanadu is a holy Hindu town located in Malnad, Karnataka. Carpeted with green paddy fields and accompanied by a hilly backdrop, this region lies at an altitude of 2726 feet. With pristine natural beauty, Horanadu is also famous for its extensive collection of dry fruits, cashew nuts and almonds along with tea, coffee and spice markets. All this can be bought here at much cheaper rates than in the cities. 

According to legends, this temple was established in the 8th century by Maharishi Agasthya. Thousands of devotees visit Horanadu on the occasion of Navratri. Dedicated to Devi Durga, this nine-day festival is celebrated with fervour at the Annapoorna Temple. The surrounding looks fresh and verdant during the winter months, and there is a chill in the air. On the way to Horanadu, you'll find Kukke Subrahmanya, Dharmasthala, Sringeri, Udupi Krishna temple and Kollooru Mookaambike. 

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What Makes Horanadu a Sacred City

Horanadu is among the most sacred cities of India. The city holds spiritual and religious values which are significant among the people living in Horanadu. As Karnataka is the land of temples, Horanadu has many beautiful temples which attract a lot of devotees on a regular basis.

The strong faith of people has made the temples so famous that many explorers and tourists come to visit these places as well. Temples like Annapoorneshwari Temple and Jagadguru Sri Adi Shankara Bhagavatpada are among the most famous temples of Horanadu which are known for their spiritual significance as well as architectural style.

Suggested Itinerary for Horanadu

Day 1- Reach Horanadu and go to your hotel. Freshen up and enjoy the ambience of Horanadu. Let the day be a spiritual retreat. Go to Jagadguru Sri Adi Shankara Bhagavatpada, a sacred temple dedicated to Sanatana Dharma. Go to Annapoorneeshwari Temple and finally wrap the day with Kalaseeshwara Temple.
Day 2- Go for exploration outside the city. Head towards Kigga village which is 9 km away. Take in the beautiful landscapes and views of the waterfall. Shop at the local market for souvenirs and get ready to leave Horanadu.

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How to Reach Horanadu

How to Reach Overview

Horanadu is well-connected with other major cities through roadways. It does not have an airport or railway station of its own. The nearest airport is Mangalore International at 120 km away. One can take a taxi to the airport from Horanadu. The nearest railway station is in Shimoga, 45 km away. Buses run from nearby major cities as well to take the tourists to Horanadu.

How to reach Horanadu by flight

Mangalore and Bangalore's airports are the nearest to Horanadu. Since Horanadu doesn't have an airport of its own, tourists have to rely on these nearby airports in order to reach Horanadu through airways. From the airport, you can ride a taxi or a bus to reach Horanadu.

How to reach Horanadu by road

Horanadu has well-connected roads to different parts of Karnataka. In order to reach Horanadu, you can either get a taxi service or board KSRTC bus from Mysore or Bangalore to reach Horanadu. If you belong to nearby cities, you can also drive to Horanadu, as it takes around 6 hours to reach Horanadu from Mysore or Bangalore.

How to reach Horanadu by train

The nearest railway station to Horanadu is situated in Kadur. It is about 130 km away from Horanadu. Since there is no railway station in Horanadu, you have to rely on the nearby railway station to get there. From the railway station, you can get a taxi to reach Horanadu.

Local transport in Horanadu

If travelling from Bangalore, you can avail all public transport facilities. There are regular local buses that go to Horanadu from where you can take a rickshaw. You can also hire a private vehicle or a cab for an entire day. Rickshaws don't run on meters here so it is advisable to negotiate prices before getting in. There are also buses connecting Mysore, Udupi to Horanadu.

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Horanadu, Karnataka
Annapoorneeshwari Temple
Kalaseeshwara Temple

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FAQs on Horanadu

What is famous about Horanadu?

Beautiful temples which are rich in history. Easy to reach. Accommodation can be found easily. Well-connected to major cities of Karnataka.

What is not so good about Horanadu?

Not many places for local sightseeing except temples. Not as lively as other South Indian cities. Limited options in cuisine. If you are coming from North India, it can be difficult to adjust here due to different culture and dialect.

Who should visit Horanadu?

If you are interested in exploring the religious side of Karnataka, then Horanadu is for you. This place can also appeal to those people who like to see the architecture and structure of different temples.

What is the best time to visit Horanadu?

Horanadu has pleasant weather throughout the year. The beautiful land of Horanadu has something great to offer in each season. The summers present an excellent time for spiritual retreat, as you can visit the temples. The monsoon season is breathtaking, as the frequent showers revive the trees, plants and flowers. It makes the atmosphere fresh, and the surroundings awaken to new life. The season of winter is apt for those people who want to explore Horanadu in cold weather, which is mostly prefered by tourists. Hence the best time to visit Horanadu is from October to February.
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What is the local food in Horanadu?

The local cuisine here is dominated by south Indian delicacies which mainly include coconut or rice. Foods like idli, vada, dosa, sambhar are a speciality and even in the most modest hotels, you'll find some really good tasting food. Filter coffee is also famous here.
Also, if you have a knack of picking out well, there are fresh fruits available that can be quite refreshing. You can also have tender coconut which is available in plenty.
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What is the best way to reach Horanadu?

Horanadu is well-connected with other major cities through roadways. It does not have an airport or railway station of its own. The nearest airport is Mangalore International at 120 km away. One can take a taxi to the airport from Horanadu. The nearest railway station is in Shimoga, 45 km away. Buses run from nearby major cities as well to take the tourists to Horanadu.
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What are the places near Horanadu?

The top places near to Horanadu are Kudremukh which is 17 km from Horanadu, Coorg which is located 103 km from Horanadu, Chikmagalur which is located 46 km from Horanadu, Dharmasthala which is located 35 km from Horanadu, Sringeri which is located 19 km from Horanadu

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Q. From Dharmasthala to Horanadu Annapoorneshwari temple, how many route is there?


6 years ago
There are 2 distinct routes from Dharmasthala to Horanadu Annapoorneshwari temple. One route is to take the National Highway 73 of the Charmadi Ghat and then switch to the State Highway 66 & 106. The (Read More) second route is by the State Highway 37 till Bajegoli, Solapur Mangalore National Highway 169 and then switch to State Highway 66 to reach Horanadu Annapoorneshwari.
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Kumar Kislay

6 years ago
- Prefer using bottled water for drinking purposes.
- Since there is no meter for vehicles here, take help of a local to negotiate prices for rickshaws as well as cabs or private vehicles hired fo (Read More)r an entire day
- For the temple, men are required to remove their shirt and vests before entering the temple. There are no rules for women but traditional outfits are preferable
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