What is the best time to visit Chennai?

Being one among the most popular religious capital cities in India, Chennai is quite a crowd puller for its ancient culture and art. Its geographical location on the beautiful coastline mostly keeps the city's weather hot and humid. Hence, the best time to visit Chennai is the pre-monsoon and the winter season, i.e. between October and February. This time of the year is considered as the best time to explore the metropolitan city as summers are scorching and monsoons bring torrential downpours and cyclones.

Weather in Chennai


Upcoming Chennai Weather

Monthly Weather in Chennai

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 22 30
February 22 31
March 26 34
April 28 37
May 30 39
June 29 38
July 27 34
August 27 36
September 26 34
October 26 34
November 23 31
December 22 30

Chennai in Winters (November - February)

Winters, the best time to visit Chennai, begin in November and last till February. Even the transitional month of October is quite good for exploring the city. The weather is quite pleasant with the maximum temperature hovering around 30°C and the minimum around 22°C. Its proximity to the coastline also results in occasional rains, but it will not be something that will hamper travel plans to a great extent. Kapaleeshwarar temple, Government Museum, Fort St George, St. Andrews Church, Fort Museum, Nalli Silks, Kalakshetra Foundation, Vivekananda House etc. are some of the attractions that can be seen when in Chennai. The season is also famous for the array of festivals organised in the city like the Dance and Music Festival in December, Travel & Tourism Fair and Pongal in January and the Natyanjali Dance Festival held in February/ March. These events are traditional and important celebrations of Chennai and its culture and must not be missed when there.
Chennai India
Chennai, India

Chennai in Summers (March - June)

March marks the onset of the summer season in Chennai. It lasts till June and visiting the city during this time is not for the faint-hearted, some say. The days are blazing hot with the temperatures soaring as high as 39°C and the nights are equally warm with the minimum hovering around 27°C. Exploring the cityscape during this time of the year is an extremely exhausting affair and is, therefore, not advised to tourists.
Chennai Kathipara Bridge
Chennai Kathipara Bridge

Chennai in Monsoons (July - September)

Chennai is susceptible to heavy downpours and cyclones between the months of July and September. These months mark the monsoon season in the region and is considered off-season as tourism does not really thrive here. The extreme rainfalls and strong winds could prove to be a hindrance to sightseeing and, therefore, the monsoon season is not recommended to tourists. The hotel tariffs, however, drop drastically during the season, making it a decent option for budget travellers. In case one has to visit Chennai, they may want to plan a trip at the onset of the season when the showers are moderate and allow travelling through the city.
Chennai beach
Chennai Beach

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