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Ideal duration: 1 day

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Vedanthangal Tourism

Lying close to the important district of Mahabalipuram, is Vedanthangal, best known for its bird sanctuary. The compact water tank of 30 hectares that the sanctuary is built around is home to at least 30,000 birds every year during migratory season.

The sanctuary attracts multitudes of birds, starting with herons, spoonbills, storks, ibises and egrets in the season. The Vedanthangal sanctuary is protected by the locals in the area for centuries now, ever since they realised that the bird droppings that fall into the tank are rich in nitrogen and make the water a natural fertilizer, saving the cost of industrial fertilizers. The sanctuary is worth a visit when one comes to visit Mahabalipuram for it lets you into the culture of the locals and is a beautiful sight to witness during peak migratory months. It is the oldest water bird sanctuary in the country.


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Eating from Mahabalipuram is the best option you have, because you can find all kinds of cuisines to suit your taste buds. You are allowed to carry your own food into the sanctuary, so most visitors make picnic plans and carry their own food items for the day.

Reaching Vedanthangal by any form of transport is easy. It takes about 2 hours of travel from Chennai. It is best to visit Vedanthangal during evening time to catch a glimpse of the most amount of birds you can. Once there, buy tickets and enter the sanctuary. Bringing your own food is allowed in the sanctuary, so this can be a picnic spot during your visit. Exploring the whole sanctuary takes a minimum of 2 hours, after which you can move on to explore the rest of Mahabalipuram and Karikili bird sanctuary which is right about there. Don't make a whole day trip your plan because the sanctuary doesn't have enough of activity for the entire day unless of course, you are a bird watcher/ photographer.

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Holidify's Opinion

  What's Great?

Oldest and largest bird sanctuary in the country. Easily accessible as it located very close to Chennai.

  What's not so Great?

Very few accommodation options and eateries available (best to stay and eat in Mahabalipuram).

For Whom

Vedanthangal is an ideal destination for bird lovers as it offers umpteen opportunities to spot all kinds of birds in their natural habitat. It is perfect for families, kids, couples and solo travellers. 


How to Reach Vedanthangal

Vedanthangal is well connected to the rest of India only via roadways. Regular bus services ply to and fro the city of Vedanthangal, owing to its popularity as a wildlife haven, and the buses being... (Read More)

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