What is the best time to visit Vedanthangal?

The best time to visit Vedanthangal is between November and February as it is the season for migratory birds. The temperature remains moderate throughout the season and makes it a perfect climate for bird watching, nature walks and safaris. Peak summer and monsoon seasons (between April and September) are not advisable; however, one may choose to visit at the beginning or the end of the seasons when the temperature is pleasant/ rainfall is low.

Weather in Vedanthangal


Upcoming Vedanthangal Weather

Monthly Weather in Vedanthangal

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 22 30
February 22 31
March 26 34
April 28 37
May 29 39
June 28 38
July 27 35
August 27 36
September 26 34
October 25 34
November 23 31
December 22 30

Vedanthangal in Winter (October - March)

Owing to the arrival of migratory birds, the winter season is the best time to visit Vedanthangal. The season begins in October and goes on till March. The climate remains pleasant and the ambience lovely through this season. The temperature hovers between a minimum of 19°C and a maximum of 29°C. It is the best time to explore the sanctuary and go bird watching.
Open Bill in Vedanthangal
Open Bill in Vedanthangal

Vedanthangal in Monsoon (July - September)

The region experiences monsoons between July and September. Although Vedanthangal turns into a lush green paradise in the season, it is not entirely recommended to tourists. The average annual rainfall it receives is around 200 mm but the humidity levels are quite high, and the temperature remains between 24°C and 34°C. Monsoon lovers may find it inviting and are sure to enjoy being there at the beginning or the end of the season when the rainfall is low or on a clear day when the climate is pleasant.
Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary Watch Tower
Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary Watch Tower

Vedanthangal in Summer (April - June)

April to June is the summer season in the region. One can choose to visit the sanctuary during the season; however, they may not be able to see as many birds as it is not the season for migratory birds. But if one wants to avoid the rush of the crowd and seek some solitude, this is the best time to visit Vedanthangal. The temperature remains between 28°C and 39°C. So exploring Vedanthangal during the peak hours is an exhausting experience. Otherwise, it is advisable to wear light cotton clothes, a hat, glares and sunscreen.
Sunrise in Vedanthangal
Sunrise in Vedanthangal

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