What is the best time to visit Kanchipuram?

The festivals that are celebrated with much show and gaiety are Brahmothsavam (January), Garudothsavam (April) and the Chariot festival (May). Pongal during the January is an important festival which is celebrated with pomp and delicious feast and religious prayers and processions. Maha Shivaratri during February-March is another religious festival celebrated in Kanchipuram with devotion and enthusiasm. For sightseeing, Best season to visit Kanchipuram is October to March as the temperatures do not touch extremes and you can roam around freely.

Weather in Kanchipuram


Upcoming Kanchipuram Weather

Monthly Weather in Kanchipuram

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 31°/ 19° 3 days
February 33°/ 19° 0 days
March 35°/ 21° 0 days
April 37°/ 23° 4 days
May 40°/ 26° 9 days
June 38°/ 27° 15 days
July 36°/ 25° 20 days
August 34°/ 25° 16 days
September 33°/ 24° 18 days
October 32°/ 23° 19 days
November 31°/ 22° 11 days
December 29°/ 20° 8 days

Kanchipuram in Winter (October - February)

The winters in Kanchipuram is much like in other parts of Southern India. The temperature ranges between 19 to 29 degrees Celcius.

Kanchipuram in Monsoon (June - September)

The monsoons bring heavy rain in the area along with the cool breeze. However, Kanchipuram tends to get flooded during this time so, it is advised to avoid visiting the place during the monsoons.

Kanchipuram in Summer (March - May)

March - May is when some important temple festivals like Masi Mahotsav take place. Certainly, a good time to visit.

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