6 Reasons Why We Miss The Mountains So Much Right Now

Mountains are calling? Well, we certainly know why! The lockdown is making us crave for elevations that render a tranquilizing effect, giving us a sense of perspective in life. The seclusion and the wilderness have their own charm. There's something so soothing about the beauty of those peaks, it's almost indescribable. 

If you're missing the mountains particularly in your quarantine days, here are 6 reasons that will rationalize the void and help you resonatee. Here's why you pine for the mountains more than anything now!

1. You would rather be under lockdown in mountains than in commercial zones 


The Covid-19 crisis forced you to constrain yourself into the spaces of your home. The four walls make you feel secure but you'd rather have a visual treat beyond the windows than a multitude of housing complexes. A scenery boasting of giant elevations with flashes of rocky outcrops and fields dotted with rugs of vegetations and streams peeking through a faraway cascade makes for a better panorama. 

2. It's a good season for mountain getaways


If you'd not be in lockdown, you'd be basking in the foothills of your favorite hill station, isn't it? Perfect weather and a climatic respite from the otherwise humid metropolitans makes it such a perfect time to plan an escape. Our usual holidays and weekends are bereft of all the mountain fun that we would be indulging in. 

3. Now that we've ditched office spaces, work from mountains is the goal 


Work from home is now a thing and those dull walls are just wearing us down by the day, isn't it? You'd want to move to the hill-scapes in search of some inspiration and motivation to help those creative juices flow. In between those long hours of work, a break to witness the fragrance of fresh mountain air, the dance of those pine trees, and smile of the Alps would be just the stimuli our minds seek. Oh, and cozy mountain cabins perched on a hilltop are just the best workspaces! 

4. Mountainscapes could be the distraction we need from all the bad news 


Mountains are said to bring forth a placid effect. They could act as an escape catalyst from all the disheartening news that we have been receiving this year. Nature is the best heal and mountains bear everything that will take your mid off negativity and engage it into everything beautiful around you. You will learn to appreciate the little things and channelize your thoughts into the untamed artistry around you. 

5. Magical stroll in the woods >>> appalling walk to the grocery store, anyday!


With the COVID scare around us, most of us prefer moving out of our homes just for groceries which too seems extremely daunting given the overcrowding and congestion of markets and commonplaces. Even though precautions prevail in mountain places, the vastness of the landscapes, the emptiness of the alleys, and the winsome sceneries would be the preferred choice. A walk to store for our essentials and supplies would be much more enriching and comforting than the ones in crowded cities. 

6. A view of the Alps is better than aimlessly scrolling through your screens for the Nth time!


Research says that the screen time of individuals has increased by 5X than the usual hours in lockdown. It's not just mentally frustrating but also harmful. You'd want to flex your eye muscles by throwing open your wainscots to replenishing views of the peaks marking a breathtaking silhouette at the break of dawn, and ridges covered in a cloak of greenery instead of online streaming. Mountain lovers are especially longing for this view than any other. 

Isn't this why you wish to head to the mountains now? Do you have more reasons? Let us know in the comments below! 

This post was published by Sony Punjabi

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