From First Timers to Perfect Hippies, 14 Types of Travellers You Meet On The Go

The real essence of travel lies in its encounters. Now that you're dreaming of the destinations you will be visiting, you're also thinking about the different kinds of people you're going to be interacting with. Your encounters are bound to be a mix of super fun people along with annoying ones. There are some people who you may like and want to remember for life whereas there would be a few whom you would want to erase soon after you meet them. It's amazing how you might just meet a buddy for life on your trip or someone with whom a moment will turn into an eternal memory. 

Here is a list of the types of people and personalities you could meet on your next trip. 

1. The Selfie Addicts 

Selfie freaks are those who stop at every corner to get a selfie. Instead of living in the moment, these are the ones who are glued to their cameras and selfie sticks once you put them in a picturesque surrounding. Put them in a WiFi zone and they will still be affixed to their phones, uploading and broadcasting their photographs. In fact, they are never seen without their phones. With cameras on their home screen, these people can never get enough of clicking pictures, come what may! 

2. The First-Timer 

This one's a newbie! Having overdone everything, from packing to luggage, this backpacker will be seen with extra essentials, too many commodities, and even extra medical equipment. This backpacker really doesn't know how to go minimal and you'd see them going overboard with almost everything. You'd find clothes, carry-ons, and guides with the newbies in abundance. 

3. The Crackerjack Traveller 


Ever seen a traveler who looks as though he hasn't showered in days, has a full-grown beard, a charmed-out face or whatever makes him/her look as though they have been traveling for days. Well, not many people know this but travelers usually like to carry this nomad face around because they want to boast off a veteran/ proficient look on their face. The connoisseur of travel face is mostly a true representation of the experience they carry. And offbeat is their type. While you may be treading along the most popular destination, they're heading somewhere you are totally unaware of. 

4. Two's a Company

These are the backpacking couples. The ones who enjoy and restrict their company to themselves without interacting with others. The mushy, clingy and ultra cheesy ones who don't look beyond their own company and refute to any invitations or group visits. They can be adorable but can also give you a cringe! They are mostly averse to any outside conversations and limit interaction to just a sentence or two. 

5. The Guitar Charmer 

There's always an individual or two who prioritize a guitar over their backpack. Since his/her soul is connected to the guitar strings, parting with it seems like parting with a lover. Thus you see them tagging around their guitar almost everywhere. Good for them as well as entertainment for you. You get to hear music anytime and your gatherings can easily turn into jam sessions given that you have an in-house guitarist. Also, night camps at treks invite double enthusiasm given the scope of a bonfire and music. What a scenario! 

6. The Perfect Hippie 

The outrageous travellers who literally don't care about anything around and are treading their own path perhaps belong to the hippies' tribe. They'd be dancing around, sitting by a pavement, enjoying almost everything even if they aren't in a hospitable environment. Eclectic as they look, they take the road less travelled, don't care about how they look and they are just busy enjoying themselves. You'd be happy being around the hippie travellers too. They are endearing, upfront and just the people you need when you're having a dull trip. 

8. Solitude Seeker 

Ever met a traveller who likes to be left alone in some landscapes, breathe and like the sound of silence. Such travellers are gems. They talk less, to the point and are pretty sorted. They might come across as cold and not so interactive at first but are actually warm and welcoming as long as you let them live in silence when they want to. Don't chatter around them too much. Leave them alone when they want to be left in solitude. They aren't arrogant but are just looking to capture the little moments of a place by themselves. 

9. The Rustic Traveler 

Rustic travellers are simply those who like to experience the local and daily life of a destination, are more bent towards cultures and colloquial and above all, are very enthusiastic about interacting with locals. They'd want to gorge on the authentic street food joints, meet and ask native folks about the life and living standards of the destination and learn the nitty-gritties of the countrymen. They would go to the extent of finding out about the voting-scenario and political agendas of the local parties as well as revel in a local dance. They are that keen and curious. 

10. The Party Animal 

That one buddy who is ready to step out at any odd hour of the day to go to the club, grab a beer and sway to vibe anytime, you might encounter a party animal as such. They are extremely fun people who know how to experience and live the nightlife of a city/country distant to their own. They might just take you to a sundowner, make your party the whole night and return after the hit of dawn. They might be the carried away ones, but they are truly fun to be with if you'd want to hit the uptown or local party spaces. Trippy times are also unforgettable times! 

11. The Introspect

Often people travel for the purpose of finding oneself  Mundane and routined life hits so hard that the purpose of life blurs out for some. While some need just a break to cope with this issue, others take a trip- mostly solo, to reconnect with life, find their true purpose and relive and connect with oneself. Call it introspection or finding oneself, these people are on the hunt of a very sacred self moto which they might be able to find and catch with multiple interactions and meet-ups. These travellers are treasure troves who might take some time to catch up, but once they do, you'd be helping them find and reconnect with themselves. 

12. Friend-For-Life 

You might find a person who's your doppelganger, has similar interests or is the person who you aspire to be. You may want to stick around such travellers for you to find a friend in them who inspires and motivates you to be who you are or helps you become who you actually want to be. Such people are mates who you'd want to keep close, not just during your trip but for life. Travelling often helps you connect with people from around the world and make friends and pals from beyond the boundaries of your work, school, family or sometimes even territories. 

13. Oldie but Goodie 

Have you ever met an old man who is reconnecting with his passion for travel? He may be ticking off a destination that has been on the bucket list of his life or he may be a retired individual venturing out on things he hardly did due to work or life demands. Such oldies are treasure troves of wisdom and stories who have a lot to tell. You might also want to help them with figuring out places and trotting across the destination. 

14. The Ultimate Nags 

There's always one nag in the gang of travellers who hates the weather, dislikes the place, has problems with the toilets, has difficulties adjusting to a destination or even the food so to say. They literally are ungrateful about their travels and do not know how to explore at all. They will fuss about every second thing, making you want to pull your hair out or storm out of the place you're with them. Unfortunately, such people exist and you might just have to make your peace with them. 

There are all sorts of travellers to make up the world, some you may like while some you may despise. Now that you know some of the traveller types, which ones have you met? 

Share an anecdote from your travel encounters in the comments below and tell us which type are you looking forward to meeting on your next tour.

This post was published by Sony Punjabi

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