A Story About Love & Adventure - Meet Tripjodi, Your Not-So-Average Travel Couple

If some of us had asked our parents permission to go somewhere when we were younger, the usual response would be "Beta, go wherever you want AFTER you get married". This never really made sense to us as kids and just confused us. But if we'd heard about the beautiful story of Joh and Ebychan a.k.a Tripjodi back then, it'd make more sense whenever the mother said her usual 'after you get married' phrase.

Giving young couples out there some serious travel+relationship goals, Joh and Ebychan have their adventures all documented on their amazing Instagram and Youtube channel. This travel couple from Kerala has won THREE awards in the recent Holidify Explorer Awards as official winners in the Top Upcoming and Top Adventure travel influencer category as well as being runners up in the Top Couple Travel Influencers category! 

We spoke to the triple award-winning travel couple and here's everything that we've got about this amazing pair :)

Tripjodi at Pollachi, Tamil Nadu

What was the turning point where you decided to become a travel influencer?

Being a travel influencer was not something that we could have thought about even in our wildest dreams. After marriage, among all other likes and interests, travelling popped up as the most prior one and we both started travelling to places unexplored. While we posted our travel videos and blogs, people accepted and liked us as travel influencers with all their love. And that's how we have become the Trip Jodi that we are now.

What is your favourite place in the world and what makes it so special?

Simply picking out a favourite place is not easy. For each season, we love a different kind of place. Travelling is all about relaxing and enjoying. So, when it's summer, we love to go to someplace like Munnar, but when it rains, a waterfall will be our favourite place. Every place is chosen according to the climate and season. But ultimately, our favourite time and place is when we are together.

Do you guys always travel together? How do you influence each other's travels?

We travel together and only together. We have to balance our work life and passion and so we mainly travel during weekends. Basically how we influence each other for travelling is by sharing stories, photos, blogs and videos about a place. Once it's sure to be pocket-friendly and the apt place, there we have our next destination.

Where in the world would you like to retire, and why pick that country?

Kerala will be our first choice for retirement. A hilltop hostel with a heartwarming view where many travellers come and go is our dream retirement plan, to be honest. A place where both us and the travellers can share and live each other's travel experience will be where we want to end up owning together.

Tripjodi at Magnetic Hills, Ladakh
Tripjodi at Magnetic Hills, Ladakh

What adventure sport would you recommend for people who want to try it for the first time ever and why?

Hands down, it's scuba diving. The one adventure sport that we both enjoyed doing together was Scuba diving. Experiencing a small part of the world underwater was surreal for both of us. For beginners, Scuba diving is easy and a must try. You could really see for yourself that it's not just in the land but beauty lies underwater too.

Are you a full-time travel influencer? How do you manage to work on your travels? Do you generally have a schedule for your business related needs?

We are not full-time travel influencers. Since we have to look into our professional life mainly, we choose our places and time for travelling. Business-related travel has not yet been part of our plans. We travel for passion and that's all about it.

How did you guys at Tripjodi meet? How did you guys end up travelling together? How do you guys divide your social media work between you two?

We met at a matrimonial site and shared our passion for travelling with all joy. After marriage, we pursued our passion for travelling and shared our travel stories, blogs, photos and videos which were accepted by all and that's how we became Trip Jodi. All works prior to the travel are handled by Joh and work after travel is done by me.

And the last question, what is the best thing that has come out of Tripjodi?

Influencing other couples to travel was our biggest achievement as Trip Jodi. Moreover, we could view everything from a different perspective and got much more experiences from travelling. The best thing is that we both could understand each other better with each and every travel that we did together. Being Trip Jodi has been a blessing for both of us.

Now let's get to know some trivia about them with a round of quick questions! 

Think Fast with Tripjodi
Think Fast with Tripjodi

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