Ink Your Passion For Travel With These Travel Tattoos!

It is said that the body is a blank canvas and getting tattoos is a way for people to express themselves. In the case of Travel tattoos, getting them gives people the opportunity to get themselves inked with a souvenir from their favourite place and create a connection for their love of travelling. It’s a way to remember something that gave you immense happiness during your travels.

Here’s a list of tattoos that you could get during your travels or as a memento of your travels:

1. Your Favourite Things About Your Favourite Place

Travel Tattoos

2. Guide Yourself With A Compass or A Compass Rose

Travel Tattoos

3.  For You Loved The World & Other Continents So Much 

Travel Tattoos

4. Make That Trip All The More Memorable With Passport Stamps

Travel Tattoos

5. Get Creative With The Cliched Wanderlust Tattoos

Travel Tattoos

6. When You Know You're A Globetrotter

Travel tattoos

7. When You've Go On More Flights Than Dates

Travel Tattoos

8. Up, Up and Away With A Hot Air Balloon

Travel Tattoos

9. Style A Significant Skyline in Your Favourite Place

Travel tattoos

10. Print Those Inspiring Mountains On Yourself! 

Travel tattoos

11. Bring Out The Dora In You With A Backpack Tattoo

Travel Tattoos

12. Ink Your Travel Memories With Your Love

Couple Travel Tattoos

13. Small, Cute & Powerful Minimal Travel Tattoos

Minimal Travel Tattoos

14. A Little Astro-Traveller Fantasy Would Never Kill

Fantasy Travel Tattoos

15. Go Henna!

Henna Travel Tattoos

Although some of these tattoo ideas may sound simple, it all depends on your imagination and creativity to make them stand out! Few points to keep in mind before getting a tattoo:
  • Research is your friend.
  • Don’t rush selecting a good tattoo artist or tattoo parlour.
  • It’s important to choose the right place to get a tattoo.
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When are you inking your passion? Which of these are a major bucket list item? Let us know in the comments below!

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