Discovering Travel Tidbits With Traveller Sunetra Biswas!

Our next traveller's Instagram Account is all things beautiful! Having explored the most exotic vistas around the world, Sunetra Biswas aka 'Globetrottingsu' has travelled to 55 countries, and sways around with an incessant travel bucket list. From exploring the landscapes of New Zealand to basking in the Rajputi opulence of Jaipur, we, at Holidify, recently had a fun interview with her, where we discussed about her sojourns, her travel essentials and a lot more. 

1. You have quite an interesting bio - 'exploring one bucket list at a time!' How many destinations have you covered as of yet?

Thank you. Ever since as a child, I always wanted to explore the world and see as many places as possible. So I have an ever-growing bucket list! Every trip I take I try to plan around those bucket list moments & till date I have seen/experienced a lot, but there are so many more added each day! So far I have been to 55 countries & counting :)

2. Your recent travel photos tell us about your amazing New Zealand visit as well as Malaysia. Can you tell us what prompted you to these trips and why these countries?

New Zealand has been on my bucket list for years & ever since I moved to Singapore in 2018, I have been planning to make this trip happen! So glad, I have finally been able to tick off that huge bucket list as New Zealand is such a nature's paradise! Visiting Malaysia is always a treat. Being Singapore's neighbour, this country is perfect for family, friends, solo or couple's travel. Malaysia has a lot to offer & a perfect long weekend getaway.

3. You have absolutely mindblowing feed! How do you keep coming up with such amazing photo concepts and nail them every time?

Oh, thank you so much for your kind words. I always edit my raw images on Lightroom using my presets and try to maintain the same editing style that best pops the colour & true to the place. Architectural beauty & nature attracts me a lot & hence you can see those images more on my feed.

4. Your top travel essentials you just don't do without?

I need my camera gear and phone always. I just love documenting the travel stories and sharing them.

5. What are three major factors that affect what destination you decide to visit next?

I love to have a varied kind of travel experiences. If I chose to travel to a destination with natural beauty & landscape, the next one would be definitely a cityscape or a historical adventure or a totally different landscape like beach/desert. I have realized this makes me appreciate the destination even more than having a sense of repeated boredom! The other factors that are crucial are timing and duration.

I don't enjoy crowded places, so I love to visit destinations during shoulder season which gives the best weather & less crowd. I enjoy a destination with more time to explore than rushing from A to B. So I plan places where I can devote adequate time to best explore! Finally, I am always drawn to less explored or underrated places like Faroe Islands, Slovenia, Albania, Romania & so on.

6. What's your travel mantra?

Slow Travel & sustainability. With full-time work, I cannot travel in a country for months. But given my situation, I try to make the most time available in one specific country/place than rushing from one city to city. I always try to make a trip to a country for 10-12 days minimum. So at the beginning of the year, I note down all the public holidays & plan around it so as to get long days of holiday! Also being conscious about the local artists, supporting the local people & opting for more sustainable brands that help & promote good travel practices. We all need to do our small parts to enjoy the beauty of this planet for long!

7. Name a destination from your Travel that was A. Most Fun B. Most Challenging C. Most Inspiring?

A. Most Fun - New Zealand because of the camper van life!
B. Most Challenging - Albania! It was a big challenge at the beginning of my Travel but later turned out one of the most cherished travel memories. Most people don't speak English & my navigation maps didn't work nor did my phone. I was completely cut off from the world. But then the people helped me figure out how to go about in this country. They are so amazingly friendly that it made me fall in love with this beautiful country. I absolutely loved my experience!
C. Most Inspiring - Faroe Islands! Undoubtedly! The scale of the landscape & vast wilderness makes me humble & grateful!

8. When did you step foot into Travel and travel blogging? Was it always a dream?

I have always dreamt about travelling & exploring the world. Although I had travelled a little growing up along with hectic school life, my major wanderlust got fueled when I moved to the USA in 2011 for my higher studies. From then on, I have travelled endlessly exploring most of the States & National Parks of USA as well as venturing out to other countries in Europe, Asia & North America. The more I explored, I realized how much I wanted to share the knowledge & experience I have gained & thus help fellow travellers to do the same.

So finally, when I moved to Singapore after completing my PhD in the States, I worked on this small travel blogging passion of mine. Over the months, I have realized I truly love sharing & helping fellow travellers, providing all the helpful tips needed to explore a destination better!

9 Last year was filled with charming destinations like India, Thailand, Bali and more. What's in store for this year?

I'm so so excited for this year Travel! 2020 has started with amazing destinations like New Zealand, Indonesia & Malaysia! I have upcoming travels planned in the Middle East, Europe & Africa! Can't wait to travel!

10. Lastly, any travel tips for all aspiring travellers out there?

You don't need to travel far. Just explore the beautiful places your country has to offer. Always learn new things that help you document the passion better like learning photography or videography skills from free online classes or tutorials on YouTube. Finally make Travel a priority to save the extra money from dining outside or avoiding some fashion junkie that is not required. In the end, it's all the choices we make that defines our lifestyle. 

To know more about Sunetra Biswas and her travel stories, follow her Instagram Account here!

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