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Beach time!! :D Feeling the sand in your feet, while the waves rush against the shore is just such a happy picture. Just the idea of it gets me feeling so upbeat and excited! But beach time also means that you have to be very cautious about yourself as well as your belongings. To ensure that you have the best of times at the beach, here is what you need to do and have!

1. Beach bag:

To make your life easier while you’re on the beach, carry a huge bag to keep all of your things in. If it is big enough to keep your towels in conveniently, then you’ve got the right size. You can stuff all your essentials into this while you’re having a gala time there. It’ll be good if the bag is made of waterproof material. It’s a solution for most of your beach problems.

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2. Baby powder:

No, this is not used just to make babies smell nice. You can use them to get rid of the sand gloves that cover your hands and the sand enveloping your feet. Not only does it do wonders to the sand, it’ll also leave your feet smelling absolutely lovely. All you have to do it is powder your feet, watch the sand fall away and step back into your shoes. It sounds magical, know?

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3. Seal-able Gadget Protection:

These are a boon for the ones who can’t stay away from their online lives. All you have to do is put your smartphone in a small sealed plastic bag and use them without having to worry about the sand or the water killing it! Also, it is very easy to use the touch screen through the bag. So there, one big problem solved! Go ahead – Instagram #BeachLove pictures without anything to fear!

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4. Multi-purpose towel:

Make your sun bathing experience on the beach a good and easier one with this towel with pockets. You just need to sew on four pockets on all the corners of the towel. Then, when you head to lie down on the beach, you can tuck in all your small essentials like sunscreen, shades, water bottles, etc in the pockets. This way you have all you need within reach and also you won’t have to be a star fish to keep your towel from flipping up.

Beach Towel (Source)

5. Aloe Vera:

You know those horrible red and maddening sunburns? Two magic words: Aloe Vera. Not the lotion though, that’ll just make it worse. Aloe Vera gels are perfect to sooth your sun burns, so make sure you have it with you. To make it even better, pop it into the fridge before you head to the beach or pool. And, if you have the patience, pour the aloe into an ice tray and freeze it. It really is magical! This is nature’s reply to the sun of a beach. :P

Thanda Thanda Cool Cool (Source)

6. The extras:

If you’re going to the beach, then there is always a high chance of something being either lost, stolen or broken. You don’t want to be caught without an extra pair of flip flops when the one that you have on breaks. That definitely won’t be fun! So carry an extra pair of flip flops, a towel, shorts, medicines and everything else that might be very crucial for beach survival.

These extras are always important (Source)

7. Balloons:

At a beach, really?
Yes, keep one or two balloons handy with you just in case you have a bad case of ear clogging. You might be a very good swimmer, but ear clogging is a possibility with just about anyone. When that happens, find that balloon and inflate it a few times till you can hear clearly again.

No more ear-clogs! (Source)

8. Bottle wala locker:

You remember those really huge shampoo/moisturizer bottles that you have? Do not throw those away! They are the perfect safe keep for your little valuables on the beach. You just have to cut the narrow opening of the bottle and clean it out, so that you can put your things into it. Once that is done, it’s the safest place to stuff your phone, keys, etc when you are at the beach.

Your best kind of locker (Source)

9. Waterproof shoes:

If you don’t like the sand or the flip flops and end up wearing your favourite sneakers, you’d want to make sure that you waterproof them before you step on to the beach! All you have to do is take beeswax and apply it all over the exterior of the shoe. Now, you won’t have to worry about wet shoes and more importantly, wet feet!

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No more wet shoes! (Source)

10. Steering wheel:

You know how hot your bike gets when you leave it parked out in the afternoon sun? That happens to your cars and jeeps too, when you don’t get that parking spot in the shade. You don’t want to end up playing ‘hot potato’ with your steering wheel when you get back. So, turn it upside down, so that the top part doesn’t get heated and you’ll have a cooler grip when it’s time to leave the beach.

Be ‘cool’ behind the steering wheel (Source)

Happy Beaching! :)



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