Here Are The Top 8 Tourist Destinations Of 2019 – How Many Have You Been To?

As per the sources, Asian tourist destinations have dominated the list of top 100 city travel destinations of the world in 2019. For this, data from over 400 cities were considered, and nearly 40 Asian cities secured a spot in the list. While Hong Kong retained its spot of being the most popular travel destination, Delhi was one such city from India which entered the Top 100 destinations list for the first time.

Here is a list of Top 8 tourist destinations of the world, 2019:

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong
Spotting an international arrival of nearly 26.7 million tourists, Hong Kong ranks the 1st position on the list. Being a cosmopolitan destination, the tourist footfall was recorded despite the fact that the place has been witnessing political unrest and protests since the past few months. Hong Kong’s economy is rapidly booming and always has something for tourist with different tastes and choices.

2. Bangkok

Grabbing the second spot on the list is Bangkok, which observed international tourist arrivals of nearly 25.8 million people in 2019. Unlike any other metropolitan city, Bangkok offers a fusion of old-style charm and modern lifestyle. The mouth-watering delicacies, the temples, myriad activities and panoramic sceneries may be considered as the USP of this city to attract tourists from across the globe.

3. Macau

Macau witnessed over 20.6 million international arrivals in the year 2019, grabbing the third spot on the list. Although the place is small, people may find a lot of interesting activities to indulge in, ranging from casinos to night clubs, local street food to shopping malls and even temple-hopping to adventure. 

4. Singapore

Next, on the list of Top 8 tourist destinations of 2019 is Singapore, whose shimmering lifestyle attracted 19.8 million international tourists the previous year. The Garden City of Singapore is a must-visit, especially during first visits!

5. London

London rests on the fifth position on the list with nearly 19.6 million international arrivals the previous year, with the most being during the summer months; from June to August. London is also one of those cities which has continued to attract tourists from across the world for the past many years and always offers something new for people who keep visiting the city. 

6. Paris

A popular global travel destination, especially for couples, Paris grabbed the sixth slot on the list after recording a tourist footfall of around 19.1 million international arrivals. The panoramic sceneries one gets to witness in the city with the Eiffel Tower photobombing from behind, Paris continues to fascinate tourists with its glamour and lifestyle.

7. Dubai

Being one of the most favourite choices of travel destinations, Dubai grabbed the seventh position on the list after observing international tourist footfall of around 16.3 million travellers. Dubai is one of those cities where people get to spot some rare yet fascinating sights, such as lion pets, an opulent lifestyle, adventurous desert safari rides and the towering Burj Khalifa. 

8. Delhi

Delhi acquired a place on the list for the first time. Recording around 15.2 million international arrivals the previous year, the city flaunts its lavish lifestyle in combination with its historical monuments and unique architecture, making it the ideal travel destination for shop-a-holics, photography enthusiasts, sightseeing and foodies. 

How many of the above mentioned travel destinations have you visited? Share your travel experiences in the comments below!

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