6 Alternatives to TikTok That Are Worth A Shot!

With an unheralded ban on TikTok, many content creators and video streamers have come into great distress. Adding to the woes of over 130 million active Indian users, the trending app has been taken off the list due to its Chinese origin. 

Nevertheless, content and talent is never bound to a single platform only. If not TikTok, there are many such applications to showcase and stream video content. Folks, it's time to transcend the confines of TikTok and explore apps that resemble the popular video streaming and entertainment platform. 

We've enlisted some of the best alternatives for TikTok, check it out! 

Top TikTok Alternatives to Choose From: 

1. Rheo: Indian Game Videos and LiveStream App

India's first live streaming platform dedicated especially for gamers- Rheo, offers a unique concept where one can browse through a plethora of live game streaming videos & clips and also request to be a part of the game. Play exclusive tournaments with Rheo and interact with other players too. Because it's no fun to play an action game alone. Just stream it and enjoy it with the gamers community! 

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2. Dubsmash

Much before TikTok made a breakthrough, Dubsmash introduced the trend of lip-syncing which was much loved and appreciated. A trailblazer in its format, it allowed users to lip-sync movie dialogues, songs, and more. Dubsmash is undoubtedly the greatest entertainment platform with over 100 million downloads and is the much-deserved alternative to TikTok. 

3. Instagram 

Many have used Instagram to their benefit but it's time to use it to its complete potential. The beloved app has much more than photos. Instagram video effects and editing cuts are offbeat in nature. With augmented features, IGTV options, and short videos, one can do wonders with Instagram. 

4. Roposo

This one's already in vogue with more than 50 million downloads. Roposo lets you create video content with a myriad of editing features that include GIFs, filters, effects and a lot more. Ditch the language woes for Roposo as you can create and view videos in over 10 languages. 

5. Mitron

If this reminds you of our Prime Ministers' favourite salutation, well you can be reassured that this one is actually made in India! Personalizing video streaming for its viewers, Mitron is an exceptionally underrated platform. Users can make good satires and comedy videos with Mitron and also view the most trending videos from around the world. 

6. Chingari

Chingari is one such video streaming app that will inspire you into making video content. Browse, create, and share is its ulterior motto and the application purely breeds entertainment. Let those creative juices flow and get working with its oh-so-cool videography features. 
Now that you know the alternatives, it's about time you expand your streaming arenas and opt for another app. 

Which one's are you going to turn to after the ban of TikTok? Let us know in the comments below!

This post was published by Sony Punjabi

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