Everest Releases Today: Twin Trailers of the Saga

While I was growing up, I used to think a lot about what made people great. I used to think of various ways to be remembered by people who never knew me – starting from inventing a theory in Physics, to writing a classic. And then, I read one of my grandfather’s books which was about how the first two men scaled the Everest. There it was, my key to fame and immortality – I would travel the world, and I would scale the mighty Everest. Though I haven’t gotten around to that quite yet, this film reiterates a lot of those ethos. The trailer had me at hello, and the film, which releases in India on 18th September 2015, that is TODAY, seems highly promising! And hey, Jake Gyllenhaal is too much of a treat to miss, right? *wink* Check out the two official trailers here, and book your tickets NOW!



This post was published by Pallavi Siddhanta

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