Travel Over Sex? Millennials Say - Yes Please!

Contiki, a travel company, specializing in trips for people aged 18 through 35, conducted a survey very recently that revealed Millennials are ready to adjourn anything when it comes to travelling, even Netflix, Coffee and Sex. 
The social travel company has conducted a very valid survey and to be honest, we shouldn't be surprised. Contiki says that people aged between the bracket of 18-35 years are ready to voluntarily give up on Sex for travel and nailed down just how important it is.
After surveying 1,500 millennials across the U.S., they put forward the results. It revealed that 57 percent of the people would instead pack their bags and globetrot to across many places rather than enjoying an intimate moment in bed.

Even more so, about 80 percent of respondents answered that they were ready to part with their Netflix passwords for a few months to voyage the world and around 77 percent said they would give up their coffee.
It must've seemed challenging to pick, but the majority chose to travel over anything, so much as Sex.
Well, there's definitely something very gratifying about travel. The definite answer to why are the millennials willing to give it up is that- it results in rediscovering and reconnecting with oneself. The generation is so clogged with technology, work and a constant hustle-bustle that a switch-off is necessary. Unwinding and detaching oneself from the routine obligations seems so charming that people are ready to part with any sort of pleasures.
Plus the explorations and discoveries of new cultures seem exciting, even though travelling has its own hassles and challenges. It may turn nerve-racking when it comes to adapting yourself to unfamiliar environments. But it's all worth it when you get a whole new perception of yourself and the world, and you realize what you're capable of.

When it comes down to the lust for travel, one would definitely prefer to be far far away from their homes, sipping on a cocktail in a beach in Thailand, or imagine oneself admiring nature in hot air balloon or drifting over a dreamy lake of Canberra, Australia, or taking a picturesque view of Paris from on top of the Eiffel Tower. Of course, this is more tempting! 

The memories you gather with travelling are a bigger deal than wild and guilty pleasures of life. That which makes your eyes twinkle and let you forget the hullabaloo of your life is definitely superior to the rest.  

So we conclude, that travel is not just an activity, it becomes an experience etched in your mind for a lifetime, and that transformation is an important aspect of vacationing!
So here is a question for you. Would you prefer to travel over sex? Let us know in the comments below!

This post was published by Sony Punjabi